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Here is a NEW Interview and Photoshoot with Lauren Lyle from Nuit Magazine

From Nuit Magazine:

Congratulations on your role in Vigil, what can you tell us about the premise of the series?

Thank you! Vigil opens with the mysterious disappearance of a Scottish trawler and a death on board the HMS Vigil that brings the police into conflict with the Navy and British security services. A huge on land and at sea investigation is launched into a conspiracy that goes to the heart of Britain’s national security. I play Jade Antoniak who lives in the peace camp next to the naval base protesting their work and nuclear weapons. Jade is a woman risking her life every day for what she believes in and becomes entangled in the severe circumstances of the series events. She’s smart, dangerous and a bit of a loan ranger at times. It was thrilling to play.

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Best thing about playing your character Jade?

It was a very cool challenge to play a character with constant high stakes and her life being risked with her every move. She does a lot of secret work navigating the events that unfold throughout the series and has to hide so much of who she is to protect herself and the ones she loves. I loved exploring such a dangerous mindset and brave sense of self, Jade is so sure of what she stands for and what she is ready to fight for. I worked a lot with Rose (Leslie) as well which was a real joy, she is epic and one of the kindest actors I’ve met in the industry.

What drew you to the role? How is she different from Marsali from Outlander?

It was such a different role to anything I’d played before. And the scripts were some of the most exhilarating page turners I had read in ages. I remember someone asking me what I wanted to do next after Outlander S5 and I said something where my hair doesn’t have to be perfect and I can look rough and ready. Marsali is always so well put together! I absolutely love playing her but it was amazing to wear a pair of jeans and no corset this time. I was really excited to work on a modern, relevant story and from reading the scripts I knew there would be a few stunts for me to do, so that was very compelling. Those stunts turned out to be some of my favourite nights filming but I can’t say much more than that.



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