NEW Interview and Still in “Vigil” with Lauren Lyle From “Metro”

Here is a NEW Interview and Still in “Vigil” with Lauren Lyle from “Metro”


Suranne Jones, Rose Leslie and Martin Compston lead the cast of this thriller about a murder on a submarine.

Outlander fans would have been buzzing to spot Lauren in the promo clips released by the BBC, although not much is known about her role and the actress was good at keeping her lips sealed about any finer details.

We do know she plays Jade, a ‘quietly dangerous’ type, according to the actress who ‘risks her life for what she believes in’.

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‘My character lives in a very dangerous mindset and has a strong sense of self, so that was really exciting,’ Lauren told

‘I would consider myself to have that trait, standing up for what I believe in. I can’t give too much away but there were definitely passionate elements to her. She drives for what she wants and she’s incredibly brave. She holds a lot of information and secrets and she’s a lone ranger with quiet power.

‘Jade’s tricky. She has to be really smart and quietly dangerous. I could relate to that as I’m the youngest in my family. I’m the only girl and the youngest of so I had to be quite quick and sneaky and stand up for myself!’