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Hello everyone,

The price of the site has risen once again. It costs us close to $600 to keep this site up.  We love what we do and we want to keep bringing you the same content to you. So we are coming to you guys for help. We cannot switch to another platform as the price would be insane, we know, we’ve looked. This has been a very tough year financially and physically as we’ve both coped with being sick and loss. 

It is truly humbling to know just how many people truly love and appreciate this site as much as we do. We love being able to bring you guys the content we do such as Season Updates, Screencaps, new cast info, and giveaways. You’re our driving force. 

Therefore, we are coming to you once again and asking for your help. If you can donate to us, to our site, to this passion project that has grown far beyond what any of us expected, we would be so unbelievably thankful, words would not be able to describe it. We have always been thankful for all of you and that will never change. 

Thank you. 

Marie & Paige

You can donate via paypal by doing a transfer to outlanderonline@outlook.com or you can donate by clicking the “Donate” below or in the sidebar. It’s Paypal, but it also accepts credit cards. 


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  1. Donate $10.00

    Joseph William Doyle Jr

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