NEW BTS Pics of Sam Heughan on “SAS : Red Notice”   7 comments

Here are NEW BTS Pics of Sam Heughan on “SAS : Red Notice”

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7 responses to “NEW BTS Pics of Sam Heughan on “SAS : Red Notice”

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  1. Such a good movie! The heck with the critics!

    • Wish Sam well. Have been fortunate to watch ALL if his films, I just wish he would take time and not rush from one to another QUALITY not QUANTITY is so much better. (this one was first Promo’d in Jan 2019. I have to aske why it has taken 2 years to be finally being shown?)

    • I too loved the movie! Rented it on Vudu in the US and watched it 3 times before my rental fee expired. Sam was absolutely fantastic in it! I never listen to the “movie critics” either. Judge for yourself.

  2. Great photos of Sam. Thanks for sharing.

  3. SAS RED NOTICE was only on SKY PREMIER FOR 2/3 WEEKS why so short. It wasn’t as BAD as that.

  4. Great movie, I saw 4 times and will watch again just to see Sam. All should see this film
    He did a great job!!

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