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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan with Glasgow Times

From GT:

Sam Heughan is in the possession of stolen property.

Sitting behind him on a coffee table is a clapperboard that he swiped from the set of his latest movie.

It turns out it has come in handy. He was due to receive backdrop that he could set up for his Zoom interviews about his latest project, the action thriller SAS: Red Notice, but it never arrived.

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“Luckily I had this,” he says, as he gestures at the boosted him. “I stole it on the last day so I just dug it out.”

It’s not surprising that the 40-year-old Scottish actor wanted a memento from the set.

Best known for his star-marking role as as Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in the historical drama Outlander, he got the chance to try something very different with the film.

He plays special forces operator Tom Buckingham in the movie, an adaptation of former SAS soldier Andy McNab’s novel of the same name.

Buckingham is whisking his girlfriend to Paris on the train with plans to propose, when the train is hijacked by heavily armed mercenaries in the middle of the Channel Tunnel, and all the passengers are held hostage.

The soldier inevitably ends up crawling along the roof of the train, fighting the bad guys and being an all-round action hero, which was all part of the excitement for Heughan.

“It was very physical. It is an action movie and there are a lot of fights but strangely I loved it. It was exhausting and fun,” he remembers.

“Every day I loved going to work and playing a new character, and of course I love action.

“And then you have Andy McNab, who is this relentless ball of energy. He just doesn’t sleep. Well, he does, but he only sleeps enough and then he’s just go, go, go and it was fun to try and keep up with him.

“I feel so fortunate to be able to do other projects with my other job on Outlander and I think it’s actually been a great place to learn the skills that I’ve needed. A lot of the physical side has been really useful to then take it to other projects.”


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  1. I LOVED SAS: Red Notice! Sam was great in this role. The movie had me at the edge of my seat! I loved the cinematography, esp. the ending scenes in the snow. Ruby Rose is the perfect badass, but not a ton of chemistry with love interest. But then again, high expectations from Sam due to Outlander, in that area!!

  2. There is no stopping Sam! Would love to know where he gets all that energy. It will be a sad day when Outlander does actually end – just can’t get enough of Jamie Fraser and Claire.

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