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From GQ UK

During the shoot for his upcoming all-action film SAS: Red Notice, Sam Heughan found himself face to face with a combat-ready Andy McNab. The ex-Special Forces operative turned author wrote the novel the film is based on and was inducting Heughan into some of the more nefarious dark arts the service uses in particular situations. “He was talking about controlling a kidnap situation,” says Heughan, “and he had me holding a mannequin, showing me how to deal with them in a way that if you have a pistol in one hand, [then] in the other hand you control [the hostage].” Turns out the way to force a terrorist to release a hostage is pretty direct: “He smashed the mannequin into my face, hit my nose really hard. I almost cried, it was so painful. And I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, now I’m gonna cry in front of Andy McNab. I’m done!’”


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  1. A fantastic interview. I’d say Sam is ready for anything now. Imagine fitting into the role Jamie Fraser after his role in SAS: Red Notice. All the emotional, mental, psychological and physical adapting to go through. An actor’s job isn’t easy.

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