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From the NY Post

Did you have a favorite part of Scotland that you got to explore?

I think the sporting aspect of it brought some incredible experiences: playing golf at St. Andrews, being allowed to go onto the turf at the Braemar Highland Games. That was an enormous privilege, and to meet those people and hear their stories was fantastic. Every single day apart — from one when Sam had to go skinny-dipping in the North Atlantic — was sunny and amazing, so that was also a surprise. We were very lucky.

You also check out the Culloden battlefield, which is fictionalized in “Outlander.” What was that like? 

That was such a pivotal moment for Scotland; I wonder if they realized at the time what the effect of that battle was going to be on Scottish and British history and, by extension, many other parts of the world. However much we can get into it as characters, nothing beats being on the actual battlefield and seeing it.

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  1. Great interview by Graham. To stand on the very grounds of Culloden must have been a very memorable and sad moment. No one knew what would have been the outcome of that battle. I am reading the book Clanlands – Sam and Graham each have an input throughout the book and how their feelings and thoughts were on their travels. I highly recommend to everyone. A fantastic adventure.

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