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NEW picture of Sam Heughan   1 comment

Here’s a new picture of Sam Heughan from his Instagram

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*New* 225+ HQ Screencaps From the Trailer of Episode 3 of Men in Kilts   1 comment

Here are 225+ HQ Screencaps from the trailer of episode 3 of Men in Kilts: A Roatrip with Sam & Graham” that we made for you guys. 

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*New* 1,180+ HQ Screencaps of Episode 2 of Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip With Sam & Graham   1 comment

Here are 1,180+ HQ screencaps of episode 2 of Men in Kilts that we made for you guys. 

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*New* Sam Heughan’s Interview With People Magazine For Men in Kilts   1 comment

From People Magazine

PEOPLE recently caught up with Heughan in the latest issue to ask a few burning questions about the series, the first being: what is the proper etiquette or guidelines for wearing kilts?

“I would say you can wear a kilt whenever the fancy takes you,” Heughan, 40, says with a smile. “In Scotland, we have very traditional formal dress, [wearing kilts] for a wedding or a funeral or any of those sort of formal events, but there are people in Scotland that wear kilts daily, every day. Our kilt tailor [on Men in Kilts] he wears them all the time. I’ll wear them sometimes if I’m going to a rugby match or a football match, or if I just feel like it.”

“There isn’t any really formality to it,” he continues. “Back in the day people wore kilts all the time. They were very adaptable and were really useful actually. They had so many layers and so much material that you could fold it in certain ways, make pockets out of it, you could carry a baby, you could carry your shopping, keep you warm in the winter. They really are incredible. And in fact, riding a horse in a kilt is terrific, they give you a lot of padding, so I would recommend the kilt.”

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*New* Graham McTavish’s Interview With The New York Post For Men in Kilts   1 comment

From the NY Post

Did you have a favorite part of Scotland that you got to explore?

I think the sporting aspect of it brought some incredible experiences: playing golf at St. Andrews, being allowed to go onto the turf at the Braemar Highland Games. That was an enormous privilege, and to meet those people and hear their stories was fantastic. Every single day apart — from one when Sam had to go skinny-dipping in the North Atlantic — was sunny and amazing, so that was also a surprise. We were very lucky.

You also check out the Culloden battlefield, which is fictionalized in “Outlander.” What was that like? 

That was such a pivotal moment for Scotland; I wonder if they realized at the time what the effect of that battle was going to be on Scottish and British history and, by extension, many other parts of the world. However much we can get into it as characters, nothing beats being on the actual battlefield and seeing it.

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NEW HQ Stills of Episode 3 from ‘Men in Kilts’   1 comment

Here are some new HQ stills of Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish in episode 3 of Men in Kilts


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