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Hi all! 

We’ve been made aware that there are issues with the screencap galleries on the site. We too cannot access them at this point. We’ve received messages from many people. No, it’s not an issue on your end. The issue lies with WordPress. We’ve been in touch with them and they are working on it, however they have said it could take longer than 48 hours. Please bear with us in the meantime. The more recent galleries do work. 

Thank you for understanding, 

Marie & Paige 

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4 responses to “Issues With Episode Screencap Galleries

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  1. Hi Maire and Paige: No worries – we love what you do for us in spite of the technical hiccups. Always looking forward to what you send us.

  2. I just went through all the emails you have sent today. It’s great to have you back with things to share after such a long Droughtlander. I know Droughtlander will continue for a while, but Men In Kilts is such a fun show it eases the pain. LOL. Thanks for sharing all this fun. Since I don’t use IG or Tweeter I really appreciate you keeping me in the loop.

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