**BOOK REVIEW** Of “The Jacobite Rising of 1715 and The Murray Family – Brothers In Arms”   3 comments

We were graciously sent this book from the author, Rosalind Anderson, for a book review and here it is. 

(my own picture of the book)

Prepare to be transported!! The second I saw the word “Jacobite”, I was in. I blame Outlander though. This is delightful historical book that details the events leading up to The Rising of 1715 and follow the Murray family, in particular John and William. It follows the family through marriage, arguments, war, famous battlefields, letters of correspondence and first hand account. As an added bonus, the Frasers make many appearances. I won’t say much more so as to not spoil it, but I thoroughly enjoyed that part. 

Any Outlander, history buff or a lover of Scottish history would enjoy this book. Accompanied with portrait pictures, famous location and monument pictures and a detailed family tree of both Murray and Hamilton families, its worth a read. It’s the kind of book that you could curl up next to a fire place and a good glass of whisky and relax. 

Again, thank you to the author for sending this to us. Much appreciated!

Here are some places where you can order it X X X X X

3 responses to “**BOOK REVIEW** Of “The Jacobite Rising of 1715 and The Murray Family – Brothers In Arms”

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  1. I would love the read “The Jacobite Rising of 1715”. After reading the Outlander books, I am really interested in those times.

  2. Thank you for mentioning this book. My family on my grandfather’s side was from the Murray Clan and used to tell me stories that had been passed down thru the years. Due to falling-out between two of the brothers part of the family wound up in Ireland and most of the history I’ve heard came from the ‘outcast’ family in Ireland. Really looking forward to reading more about the original family.

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