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Here is a NEW Video from Caitriona Balfe


5 responses to “NEW Video from Caitriona Balfe

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  1. For some reason this video did not come up. My computer is quite old – bought it in 2010, time for a new one. I’ll try her video again..

  2. It didn’t download for me. It the first time I wasn’t able to watch one of these videos. Maybe it’s my iPhone.

  3. Aha! Finally got it. Thank you for getting it to work for us. Always love watching Caitriona’s Videos. Really appreciate all your hard work to get these videos transmitted to us all. With so many mobiles, desk tops, tablets (ipads), and lap tops with their communication issues, it must take a lot of engineering and know-how on your part to make sure that the videos get through. justfp you are amazing.

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