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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from ELLE Magazine

From ELLE;

Hello Droughtlander, my old friend.

After 12 weeks of romance, murder, and mayhem, Outlander closed out season 5 with its most harrowing, audacious episode to date. Jumping ahead to a storyline from the sixth book in its source material, the finale follows a brutal attack on Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). As she is kidnapped, raped, and beaten by a group of men who loathe her influence on their wives, she dissociates to a dreamscape where she finds comfort in her family—particularly the arms of her husband, Jamie (Sam Heughan). And it’s him, along with their stepson, nephew, and son-in-law, who ultimately crush her captors.

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Heughan and Balfe are first-time producers this season, and their influence is most evident in this episode, Heughan says. (You can read Balfe’s take on the finale here.) “We sat together and worked through it every day,” he tells “I think it comes down to me and Caitriona pushing in one direction and Jamie [Payne, the director] being such a great collaborator and visionary.”

And while Balfe does the emotional heavy lifting, Heughan relished the action involved in Claire’s rescue. “It was cool to see him turn into Red Jamie—just ruthless,” the actor says of Jamie’s battle demeanor. “As soon as he goes for them and needs to protect Claire, there’s no thought involved anymore, it’s just sheer rage. Or cold anger.”

The episode ends on a note of hope, with Claire vowing to not let her attack break her—though Balfe promises there’s a long journey of recovery ahead for the character: “This is something that’s going to take her own patience and the patience and love of her family to get her through this.” But with season 5 officially wrapped, no Outlander for the foreseeable future is a bleak prospect in the midst of a global pandemic. Thankfully, Heughan left me with this cryptic glimmer of hope: “There might be a little something to tie you guys over. But there’ll be more [on] that in the future.”

Read on for his take on the finale and what to expect in season 6.


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  1. A very in-depth interview by Sam. It is wonderful the support the actors give each other. Caitriona was brilliant. I am still a little numb after watch episode 12. A lot of shock factor in it – but Caitriona is very due for an award. She is amazing.

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