NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from LA Times   5 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from The LA Times

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5 responses to “NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from LA Times

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  1. Am disappointed, not able to get the Sam’s interview with LA Times. Was hoping to hear Sam’s opinions and perspectives. Is there a way I can get access to the interview.

    • Rhona, go to Google Chrome and to
      I am just listening to it.

      Astrid Doolaege
      • Hi Astrid: Thank you so much – I was finally able to get the interview. I loved it. It was interesting to hear Sam’s perspective on how his role as Jamie has evolved over the 6 years of Outlander, and how Jamie became a respected leader, politician, soldier, husband, father, and grandfather in the New World, whereas in Scotland he was hunted down, falsely accused, imprisoned, and held in suspicion by the Clans over possible leader inheritance. It was also very interesting to hear Sam’s views on how the scenes of the torture Jamie suffered by Black Jack Randall in Season 1, that in retrospect he felt that it could have been portrayed differently Sam is a very intelligent young man – he talks of spending his isolation (which we are now under), baking, writing, exercising, keeping in contact with friends, family and his co-workers (as soon, I hope, Season 6 will be progress), working on his Podcast, and the list goes on – it all makes me feel very lazy. Ouch! Again, I am very grateful to you for making it possible to listen to this great interview by Sam, Now, I think I will listen to it all over again. I loved the bit about Sam’s including the reading glasses in Season 3, Voyager.

  2. I could not open it either. It did not work.

    Astrid Doolaege
  3. You are welcome Rhona. I already listened to it twice and will listen to it again.

    Astrid Doolaege

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