NEW Interview with Jon Gary Steele with Entertainment Weekly   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Jon Gary Steele with Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

Before production designer Jon Gary Steele bids farewell to the Starz drama (tear!), we asked him to list his favorite sets over the past five seasons. “People love the detail. Why not make it as amazing as you can?” he tells EW. “And that’s what we’ve tried to do, give Outlander a look, so that it doesn’t look like every other period piece. I think that we did that. It’s been an amazing experience.”

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THE GREAT HALL“It was the most fun set of that season because it was huge. [Executive producer] Ron Moore wanted to do a first test of everything lit… Four giant chandeliers, 12 giant flaming sconces, three huge fireplaces. So there was fire everywhere. That was really fun, to see it all lit up.”

CLAIRE’S APOTHECARY (Season 1)“It was filled with arches. Everywhere you look, we were shooting through arches. It was all stone. We tried not to make it just a little room with nothing going on. We try to give a director and the director of photography things to play with so there’s shade and shadow and depth to the set, not just a box.”

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  1. Outlander has such amazing talent – so much goes on behind the scenes which we aren’t aware of. Great interview.


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