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Hi all! 

Time to dust off your ABOSAA books or order them! Paige and I will be doing an A Breath of Snow and Ashes read along with you guys on the site! I’m actually really excited, we’ve never done this and I haven’t read ABOSAA since 2005 when it came out, so trust me new readers, there’s a good chance I might be as surprised as you guys at some things. Paige read them more recently, so it should make for a some entertaining interactions. 

How we plan to do it: 

  • Every week we’ll all read 1-2 chapter (a bit like a book club); 
  • Paige and I (Marie) will have a discussion that we post on the site. Audio or transcript? Not sure yet. I need to check with Paige. What would you guys prefer? 
  • Like a book club you guys would also read those chapters during the week and come back to discuss them with us.
  • We would plan on starting not next Saturday, but on 30th, so it gives everyone time to order their books. 

What do you guys think? How would you guys like us to do it? Any ideas? All your input is appreciated!

We can’t wait to do this with you guys! Hopefully it helps ease Droughtlander. 


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31 responses to “ABOSAA Read Along Details! Get Your Books Ready! We Also Need Your Input

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  1. I think this is a great idea! Audio or transcript is fine with me. I haven’t read the book in ages but don’t have it in me to tackle it all at once. This would give me the opportunity to read it again and share doing it with others.

    Melissa Patterson
    • Thank you for giving us feedback! I love discussing books with others so it should be fun! Don’t worry, I haven’t read it in ages either as mentioned above.

    • Thank you for giving us feedback! I love discussing books with others so it should be fun! Don’t worry, I haven’t read it in ages either as mentioned above.

  2. I think its a great idea. I can’t wait. I just started reading book 6. Audio or transcript is fine. I. Excited

  3. I hope to join y’all. 

    Have a great day,Bonnie

  4. Depending on how many in the group, how about a zoom meeting?

    Jeannine Ciulla
  5. Thanks so much for bring this idea up; keeping in the spirit of Outlander has been so helpful during these past difficult days. Personally I prefer transcript as I’m hearing impaired but if the majority prefer audio that’s fine.

  6. Would we start reading on the 30th or read first two chapters by the 30th? I am in why not.

  7. I’d prefer transcript if it’s not too difficult. Thank you very much for doing this

  8. Great idea! I’m in favor of the transcript version.

  9. I think this is great. I’d prefer transcript, but either is fine.

  10. I read each book after each season so I better get going so I can catch up. Even though I don’t read the books before each season I am looking forward to this whole concept and will make an exception. From what I have read in comments from people in other formats and articles Season 5 used some of Book 6 so I look forward to reading ABOSSA. Thank you for doing this. It will be great to share and discuss this book.

  11. So looking forward to this! Transcript or audio, no preference. If you have the time, both? Thank you

  12. Great idea

  13. I’m so pleased that you smart gals are making this available. Because of time flexibility issues, I prefer transcript format. Thanks! Anne Epstein

  14. count me in too! ok with either transcript/audio. only problem will be stopping at 2 chapters, LOL. i’ve never met an outlander fan with so much restraint. haha, but i think it’s good to pace ourselves with all the stuff going on in RL. thanks ffor organizing this! <3

  15. This is a great idea since I haven’t read this book yet. I have it in my library but with haven’t had time to read it. I think written transcript instead of audio due to my computer limitations. Thanks…looking forward to this as I have never done a book club or a read-along. D

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  16. This is a great idea. Is it better to proceed with transcript as there may be many different time zones to accommodate?

  17. Ready when you are. Would prefer the Transcript format – much easier.

  18. Count me in. I prefer the transcript.

  19. Love your idea! Haven’t read in a few years, will enjoy rereading and discovering things I missed, or perceived differently…like others I prefer transcript.

    Kimberly Robertson
  20. great I love this idea has it started yet This is my fav book other than original and Diana won an award I believe for this one this is Caitriona’s time to shine soooo much happens to her in this book umm I think more can be said w/transcript thx for all you do

  21. I’d prefer audio.

    Melanie Curtis

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