*Spoiler Warning* Come Discuss & Rate Episode 5×12 of Outlander “Never My Love” With Us   28 comments

**Please note that this post will contain spoilers in the comments, this episode can also be very triggering therefore we’ve added Sam and STARZ messages about it, which gives you a number to reach out to.

***Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’re distressed.***


What did you think of the season finale of Outlander? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it. 

How would you rate the episode? 

Sam Heughan & STARZ posted a very helpful reminders: 

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28 responses to “*Spoiler Warning* Come Discuss & Rate Episode 5×12 of Outlander “Never My Love” With Us

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  1. I was REALLY disappointed. I didn’t like the flashback visions. I think to much time was spent on them. While watching it, I was feeling the emotion of what was happening to Clair then the vision would break it. Back and forth, back and forth, so I lost emotional momentum. To me, the vision didn’t make sense, combining both times.

    • The flash backs were Claire’s way of coping with the trauma she was going through. By going to place and time in her mind where all her family was, she could be a safe distance away from what she was going through. Most victims going through something like that have to find a coping mechanism and that was Claire’s.

      • Agreed. I liked the way it was done.

      • The episode was produced with sensitivity and deep caring. The flashback sequences were one way that victims survive trauma. She envisioned a safe and loving family environment to help her live through treatment by her abusers. It allowed her to survive.

        The final scene is so loving and extraordinarily affecting. Soulful acting; pitch perfect.

        And a bit of an homage to John and Yoko thrown in.


        • Couldn’t have said it better Judith. The first time I watched it, the kind of flash back sequences irritated me, but after I watched it again, I understood that Clair was creating a “safe place” during her trauma. Cait did a great job of acting. I cannot imagine having to act in those scenes much less surviving such an attack in real life. I appreciated the warnings and the providing a hot line number to call if needed. I also agree about the last scene. I showed in spite of all the trauma Claire received (shown by the bruises), Jamie’s tenderness was Claire’s real safe place.

          Kathleen Waldrup
  2. I thought the finale was wonderful. There had been so much hype about the rape I was dreading it, but knew I couldn’t sleep until I watched it. What happened to Claire was truly horrible, but showing where her mind went during her abuse helped temper it for me. The last scene and what sounds were heard during the credits were stunning.

    • I really enjoyed it as well. I was also dreading this episode because of the rape scene, but it was done very well and like you said it helped temper it for me as well. Loved the ending.

  3. I loved this show and cant wait for more. I hope they get to film soon cant wait for season six

  4. I liked it except that it left me emotionally drained and without the hope that we got sailing to France in Season 1… Maybe it has more to do with what we are going through right now but…. I needed either more time to heal or another episode to deal with the healing of everyone… Not only Claire needs to heal but Marsalli and Fergus and Roger…..

    Linda McDaniel
    • I would have loved another episode as well, but in a way it’s suiting the way it ended.

    • The visuals along with that particular song were a very strong Use of the visual arts to truly give us the impact and the range of feelings that must have run through Claire it leaves us in an interesting place as we step back into a drought lander of truly unknown length

  5. Wow, one of the most powerful things I have ever seen on TV. I cried, but it was amazing and at times incredibly beautiful. Kudos to all involved in making this episode. Everyone kicked butt!!! Season 5 did not disappoint. Just Brilliant!

  6. are we allowed to comment until all have seen? ok well be still my heart it was done very very well and close to the book even verbatim…and respectively Caitriona was wonderful but it left me with an overall sad feeling which makes sense in the natural state just love your account here has so many nice surprises thank you

  7. I loved it. I really loved the parts about them together in the 20th century. I would have liked to see Jamie in more of a sixties outfit. It was so emotional the way he was toasting her and holding her while dancing. I did feel the lack of that emotional support in their actual time once he found her. I kept expecting him to look more devastated. I know he was being strong for her. Loved toward the end on the porch what he said to her. “When the time comes….” Love their relationship.

    • That is my favourite line in all the books.

      “When the day shall come that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me, “if my last words are not ‘I love you’-ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”

  8. There were 2 thinks that was unfortunate… first, the starz app said it was a 2 hour episode, which really got my hopes up for a long episode, that left me wanting more when it was even shorter than 1 hour. Secondly, although I really liked it, I was really sad (like someone said above emotionally drained), and was disappointed that this is where we are left for another year, until whenever season 6 comes. Oh my, this is going to be a long droughtlander.

    Yep, I really liked it. Cait was brilliant. Sam was perfect. Love Marsali. At first I was wary of so much cutting to Claire’s dreamlike escape from reality but they did have all the important quotes that I was hoping for, and kept to the focus of ther story rather than going off on a tangent. And it was well done. Fun to see characters out of their normal 18th century character’s costumes…. and nice to see Murtagh again.

    Glad B&R didnt go back early, i like everyone together in this period the best in all books…. and wasnt happy they went back prematurely last week. although I thought wasting so much time in the last episode on a story arc that didnt go anywhere for no reason was wasteful of precious little air time of 12 episodes per season.

    • I know a lot of people, myself included, that were disappointed that it wasn’t longer. I was wondering how they were going to work the B&R leaving into this, as it’s so different from the books. Loved how they did it. B&R have been through so much trauma that it makes you wonder why they’d want to stay there, I think in the end it was the shows way to demonstrate that home was really there.

      What a performance by Cait! All the stars. I loved Marsali. All the actors did a phenomenal job. Loved Young Ian’s tomahawk throw.

      They had my favourite quote in all the books:

      “When the day shall come that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me, “if my last words are not ‘I love you’-ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”

  9. What about the police at the door with horrible news

  10. Great acting by all but if there is one complaint it would be the writing of the episode. The action scenes were awesome it left me want more vengeance for what happened to Claire. It just didn’t seem to tell the story like it did it the previous episodes. I think I might have liked it more if I hadn’t read the book.😉

  11. “wasting so much time in the last episode on a story arc that didnt go anywhere ” That story arc definitely did go somewhere…..it showed that Jemmie definitely has the time travel gene in spades. His focus overrode his parents as to where they went in time. When you get to that part of the later books it will become very clear.

    Janice R Puckett
  12. The 60’s safe place Claire created was a good idea and all the Easter eggs in this episode were fun to spot because it was emotionally exhausting. The entire cast was Brilliant maybe S6 will give CD more lines 🙂. My only complaint is the writers creating multiple rapist it was horrible enough didn’t need to embellish. Otherwise MBR created an excellent S5

  13. Outlander deserves an Emmy for this Season. Claire’s dreamlike state was her clinging onto sanity and her escape – to have gone through what she did would have sent some over the edge, but she clung on. This episode was superbly acted by Caitriona, Sam, Lauren, Cesar. John Bell. It was horrendous to see what happened to Claire, a tragedy. This episode was brilliantly written and must have been a challenge – but please no more rape, please – these poor women have been put through enough, and shouldn’t have had to go through that at all. .

  14. I thought the flashback scenes were too long. Understand it was her safe place but I think more time should have been given for the build up to the rescue. In the book Claire heard the drums and even the special way Roger played the bodhrun, and she then knew Jamie was nearby and she would be rescued. The drums threw her abductors into a frantic melee believing they were being attacked by Indians. I think this would have been a bit more exciting but In the episode Jamie just seemed to arrive. Just think more could have been made of it. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the episode but I sometimes feel that the writers put too much of what they want into it and not enough of the book. Yes I know it is an adaptation.

    • Jen, I agree. The drums would have been so suspenseful. There was no build up. I always feel I’m looking at a rough draft and not the final episode.

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