We Need Your Help To Renew the Site or Else We Cannot Keep the Site   9 comments

The website has be renewed! Thank you all so much! 

Hello everyone,

Times are hard for everyone and we this year so far has been brutal for many. The site is up to renewal soon and we simply cannot afford to pay it this year. We can’t keep the site without your help. The cost to renew the site is $400 for the year and it is due shortly. We can’t afford that. 

We love what we do and we want to keep bringing you the same content to you.

It is truly humbling to know just how many people truly love and appreciate this site as much as we do. We love being able to bring you guys the content we do. You guys make us want to keep the site up. Your love and support has always been a comfort. We’ve put a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and sacrificed time to bring you Outlander updates as they come. And we want to keep doing it as long as the show is on.

Therefore, we are coming to you once again and asking for your help. If you can donate to us, to our site, to this passion project that has grown far beyond what any of us expected, we would be so unbelievably thankful, words would not be able to describe it. We have always been thankful for all of you and that will never change. 

You can donate via paypal by doing a transfer to outlanderonline@outlook.com or you can donate by clicking the “Donate”below or in the sidebar. It’s Paypal, but it also accepts credit cards. 


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9 responses to “We Need Your Help To Renew the Site or Else We Cannot Keep the Site

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  1. I can only pay with Visa. Our government doesn’t allow PayPal

    Ema Salahuddin
  2. I just made a donation. I sincerely hope you make the $400 needed to keep this site operating. The episode screenshots alone are worth the cost. I use them all the time with comments I make on social media regarding the show. Due to the Coronavirus, they haven’t been able to start filming season 6 yet. God only knows when they WILL be able to or when the rest of us will be able to return to anything like normal life. We’re looking at a very long Droughtlander due to circumstances beyond anybody’s control. This site is going to be a key part of easing the pain. Good luck & THANK YOU for all you do with this site!

    • Thank you so much! We’re halfway to our goal. Yes we are looking at a long Droughtlander. We’re so happy you like the site and the screencaps. It’s our pleasure to do this for you all 🙂

  3. I can’t afford much but I did send in $10.00

    Jennifer Redden
  4. I love what you do for us regarding all things Outlander. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate you and your hard work. I donated earlier this year and again when I saw this post, but I forgot to give my email address in doing so both times.

    Barbara Spellman
  5. Thank you for letting us know and I’m happy to donate a little bit sadly though they don’t tell us what kind of progress you are making towards raising the 400

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