**SPOILER WARNING*** Come Discuss Episode 5×11 of Outlander “Journeycake” With Us! What Did you think of the Episode?   12 comments


What did you think of episode 5×11 of Outlander “Journeycake”? What was your favourite scene?

As a reminder please note that the comments will be contain spoilers. 

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12 responses to “**SPOILER WARNING*** Come Discuss Episode 5×11 of Outlander “Journeycake” With Us! What Did you think of the Episode?

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  1. I was crying before the opening credits! 😥 This is one of the most difficult episodes to get through this season.
    Kudos to Diana Gabaldon for her exceptional writing! These next few days are going to be difficult to survive, considering all the unanswered questions I have about the last few minutes of 511. Slainte mhath to our Outlander family. 😀

  2. Omg. I’ve been crying through the last 3 eps… this was a tough one to watch…

  3. I thought the episode on its own was great. But storyline-wise, I really don’t understand why they sent Bree and Roger back to the future before Mandy was born. I was bummed to see that huge change.

  4. Sending roger and bree back too early, mucking about with the Bonnett timeline, this season is shouting out quite clearly that’s outlander will finish after season six, it’s got “Let’s tell the Story fast before Money and time runs out “ written all over it.

  5. Disappointed with story line yet again. Too much haste. Fiery Cross is such a huge book and they have skimmed through it. Maybe it will end with Season 6.

  6. A very emotional episode. No more Brianna and Roger? I had been waiting to see the episode that they said Diana was going to write – and it was everything I hoped for. I hope she writes a few more episodes yet in the upcoming Season 6. I will cry in the next episode 12 – because now I have to wait till Season 6. Thank you Diana for writing for Episode 11 – brilliant.

  7. Season 5 is so much better than S4. I’m guessing Bri and Roger have travelled back in time instead of forward, love the changes MBR and the producers make Diana said it best put the book down and enjoy the show!

    • Hi Crystal: My thoughts exactly. I love the Outlander books, have read them over and over. And, I also love the show. A beautiful adventure both ways.

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