NEW Twitter Q and A From Sam Heughan   2 comments

NEW Twitter Q and A From Sam Heughan 

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2 responses to “NEW Twitter Q and A From Sam Heughan

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  1. I have loved it and look forward to more. Love, peace and
    Happiness to all. Stay safe and healthy💋😘

  2. Always great to hear from Sam and his answers to the many questions we all have. I love to hear the perspective from the Actors. I loved the scene where Jamie is cutting the peanut butter and jam sandwich – hilarious. Does any one remember from reading the book Voyager – when Claire had taken a peanut-butter and jam sandwich with her through the stones but she kept it covered up in cellophane so as not to attract attention to her sandwich – an unknown food source at that time. Thanks for sharing the above questions and answers with Sam.

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