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Here is a NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon from Town & Country

From T&C:

This period of social distancing isn’t exactly going how Outlander author Diana Gabaldon planned.

“To a writer, social distancing is just like normal life,” she says. “We pretty much would like to be alone in our homes for long periods of time. So aside from not going out to restaurants to eat, I can’t say that there’s much change, by and large.”

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But in late April, she fell and broke her shoulder. “For the last week or so, my life has been even slightly more constrained because I tripped over two dogs and a garden hose and broke my right shoulder,” she says. “I am slightly immobile.”

Pre-accident, she had been focusing on finishing Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, the ninth book in her Outlander series, and one that fans are eagerly awaiting. That wait is almost over.

“It will be finished within the next couple of months, assuming I don’t fall down and break something else,” Gabaldon says. But don’t expect a publication date over the summer.

“As my husband often says, ‘To a writer, finished is a relative term.’ And it really is. There’s finished—we type the end—but then you read it over again, and you find things that you want to add or take out, and so forth.” And that’s not even considering how the ongoing coronavirus crisis will impact the publishing industry, and potentially the publication date of Bees.


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  1. A beautiful interview with Diana Gabaldon. I love her indepth perceptions of the Outlander story line and the directions it takes, and that she wrote Episode 11, and she is looking forward to writing an episode or two for Season 6. I am stunned to read that David Berry is leaving Outlander. Does anyone know what happened there. His role is so important to Outlander.

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