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Here is a NEW Interview with Ed Speleers from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

EW loves a good villain, and now it’s time to drown our sorrows because Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) has shuffled off his mortal coil.

The pirate/smuggler terrorized the Fraser family almost since the moment he first met them. He went from terrifying thief to the true face of evil when he raped Bree (Sophie Skelton) shortly after she arrived in 18th-century America in season 4. Ever since, the entire Fraser clan were consumed with exacting revenge upon him, particularly once they learned he had survived the explosion at the jail. But they finally got their vengeance, and Bonnet his comeuppance, after an eventful episode.

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After Brianna told a jailed Bonnet she was carrying his child, Bonnet became obsessed with the potential of Jemmy being his son. On Sunday’s episode, everything came to a head when Bonnet kidnapped Bree from a Wilmington beach and took her to his secret hideout on a small island with the intention of starting a life with her and his son. After she rejected his plan, he resolved to sell her into slavery, but the Fraser clan came to the rescue. They could’ve ended Bonnet then and there, but instead, Bree chose to hand him over to the authorities for him to face judgment.

This led to Bonnet’s sentencing to death by drowning, his gravest fear, which he reminded us all of when telling Bree of his recurring nightmares. But he wasn’t forced to suffer the fate after all when Bree, in an act of mercy or perhaps just control, shot Bonnet in the head and put him out of his misery.

Though it seemed for a time that Stephen Bonnet could cheat death over and over, his time is finally up – and so is actor Ed Speleer’s stint on Outlander. We caught up with him to talk about Bonnet’s final hour, how he made such an evil man so damned charming, and just what it’s like filming a drowning scene in a freezing Scottish lake.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Well, it’s time at last to say goodbye to Stephen Bonnet, who for a time, seemed like he might have  lives. When did you know this would be it for him?

ED SPELEERS: It’s a shame he doesn’t have nine lives. I was on holiday with my family, sitting on a beach in Majorca when I got a phone call from one of the ADs saying, “Would I come in for a prosthetic fitting for a bullet wound?” I thought Oo, a bullet wound that sounds exciting. He’s probably going to get shot in the leg or arm or something. I didn’t realize that what they meant was I was getting shot in between the eyes. I found out in a roundabout way. I was upset because a character like that is never going to last that long, but I was thoroughly enjoying playing him. I didn’t want it to stop, but it had too. I’m very lucky that the script for that final episode for my character was a chance to maybe answer a few questions about who he is; he confesses perhaps quite a lot he’s never confessed before. He almost goes through a big bit of therapy I suppose, as well as getting his comeuppance.


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  1. Great interview. I won’t miss Stephen Bonnet but I will miss Ed Speleers. He was fantastic and so believable in his role. So of a “You love to hate them” role.

  2. not sure I’ll even watch the new seasons; just won’t be the same as it was with Bonnet in it.

    Linda Ann Gardella

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