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Here is a NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton from TV Guide

From TV Guide:

Sunday’s episode of Outlander brought fans — and the Frasers — a show down we’ve been waiting for since the moment it was confirmed that Stephen Bonnet (Ep Speleers) had survived the Season 4 jail bombing. For several episodes now, the pirate who has tormented the Frasers for almost two full seasons has been planning not only to take baby Jemmy from Fraser’s Ridge but to collect the young boy’s inheritance at River Run as his own. It was only a matter of time before Jamie (Sam Heughan) would manage to track him down — but it was Bree (Sophie Skelton) who had the most unfinished business with the man who raped and assaulted her last season.

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The initial plan was for Jamie and Roger (Richard Rankin) to pose as whiskey smugglers and jump Bonnet when he showed up to purchase the goods. However, the smuggler was one step ahead and instead followed Brianna and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) to the beach, where he kidnapped the former and tried to convince her to settle down and make a real family with him. It turned out the psychopath just wanted to be loved.

To ensure Bonnet didn’t escape the gallows once more, they called in a favor to Governor Tryon — who still felt guilty about hanging Roger — and the pirate was sentenced to death by drowning. As the water approached his chin, Bree showed up on the bank of the river with a shotgun and put Bonnet out of his misery before the water could take him, clearing the dark cloud Bonnet has been over her family once and for all.

TV Guide spoke to Skelton about the character-defining episode, why it was only right for Bree to be the one to take Bonnet’s life, and why it’s perfect that we’ll never know exactly why Brianna did it.

Were you more excited or nervous to tackle this episode and Brianna’s final face-off with Stephen Bonnet?
Sophie Skelton: Obviously, the storyline is tremendously difficult to do in terms of [being] taxing, emotionally, and the place that you have to go to headspace-wise — but I love working with Ed, so I was excited in that respect. I think it’s such a great [episode] and it’s such an interesting storyline. I was definitely a little a little nervous going into it because it’s such delicate material and you always want to make sure that you’re handling it well, and you’re doing justice to the people who have been through something like this. Interestingly, it is based on a true story — a woman who was captured by her rapist and she read to him to try and placate him and to buy herself time. I think it’s a great thing that [Brianna] is doing the same.

What did you wan to make sure happened in this episode for Bree’s sake?
As an actress, I wanted to make sure that we have those moments where we really see how Bree is feeling. I wanted to make sure that it doesn’t come across that she’s a great actress. She’s trying to put on a very brave face for Bonnett. She’s trying to pretend like she’s strong in a situation, which I love when we get those final moments but Bree is turned towards the camera and you really see how she’s feeling. We really see that fear come through, and her body is starting to shake and cop out on her. She tried to cover that up. That’s one thing that I wanted to make sure that we showed… that she wasn’t fine in the situation. She wasn’t just trying to escape; she really was struggling. Every every second of trying to put on this brave face to him was really [difficult] for her.


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  1. Brianna could have killed Stephen Bonnet for any number of reasons.He was a very cruel and manipulating man who seemed to get out of any predicament whatever it may be..I think she would never have felt safe nor be sure that her family was safe as long as Stephen Bonnet was alive.

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