*New* Video – Inside Episode 5×09 of Outlander “Monsters and Heroes”   4 comments

Here’s the video from Inside Episode 5×09 of Outlander “Monsters and Heroes” 

4 responses to “*New* Video – Inside Episode 5×09 of Outlander “Monsters and Heroes”

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  1. Great Interview. Jamie in a life threatening situation again! The torture he went through with Black Jack. His horrible illness in the Abbey, Imprisonment in France, then Culloden, then Ellesmere prison – it is a wonder he made it this far. Fantastic acting by Sam, Caitriona, John Bell, Sophie Skelton, Cesar Domboy and Roger Rankin. Amazing cast, amazing story. Thank you for sharing the above with us.

  2. I also loved Brianna’s brush with the Bison – something I wouldn’t have tried. Lots of fun though behind the scenes. They all work so hard to give us an authentic sincere show, that once in a while we see the fun side too.

  3. Yes it was great. And yes Rhona, it is a bison and not a buffalo as there are no buffalo in America.
    I really enjoyed that episode. I already watched it several times, twice on Sunday and three times yesterday. I cannot wait to see the behind the scenes. I hope it will be on the DVD. The cast was fantastic, especially Sam. What an actor.

    • Hello Astrid: Thank you for getting back to me. I have watched the current episodes of Season 5 – over and over. Have cried and laughed a lot. I love the behind the scenes – a lot of hard work and dedication goes into creating a fantastic show such as Outlander. I, too, will be patiently waiting for the DVD/Blu Ray/Special Edition when Season 5 is finished. Come to think of it – that isn’t too far away – noooooo!.

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