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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from Glamour

From Glamour:

If I’ve learned anything watching Outlander, it’s that I never really know where the show’s going next—and I plowed through the eight-book series it’s based on before the show aired. Catching up with Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, confirms studying up on The Fiery Cross hasn’t prepared fans for the dramatic twists throughout Outlander’s fifth season. For the record, Heughan doesn’t mind toying with our emotions.

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Take the aftermath of episode seven’s cliff-hanger. In “The Ballad of Roger Mac,” Jamie’s son-in-law Roger Mackenzie is mistaken for a member of the Regulator militia and hanged. We learn Roger lives in the next episode, but fans who knew that would happen were still devastated. “I loved recently seeing people get so angry that they thought we’d actually killed Roger off,” Heughan says with a laugh. “They were like, ‘You’ve actually killed him? He’s alive in the books! What’ve you done?!’ It’s great that we can still tease and play with their expectations.”

That was two episodes ago, and Outlander’s already throwing new curveballs at the Fraser clan. Jamie’s been through it in season five: Protecting his family in the North Carolina colonies has meant temporarily fighting alongside the British Army—a moral betrayal given Jamie’s Scottish Highlander roots—and watching his uncle, Murtagh, die at the Battle of Alamance. Just when viewers thought Jamie was safe, he nearly dies from a venomous snake bite in episode nine.
Nearly everything is dangerous in 1771, when Outlander’s current season takes place. But the new threat to Jamie’s life “really comes out of nowhere,” Heughan says. “Jamie’s always put his body on the line and is very aware of his strength and his fortitude. So when he’s first bitten by the snake, he really isn’t too concerned, but then it escalates very quickly, and Jamie is faced with his own mortality.”

Watching Jamie’s wound fester and rot is bad; watching Claire’s futile attempt to heal him back at Fraser’s Ridge is downright painful. At the episode’s climax, Jamie nearly succumbs to illness caused by his wound. Through the haze of a fever, he asks Claire to touch him. That touch somehow gives him the strength to stay alive. “I knew you were the one thing that could bring me back,” he tells her.


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  1. Wonderful interview. Such great writing and direction. Jamie and Claire have a bond that goes deeper than the physical level – their love for each other is very rare indeed – almost magic. From Season 1 right up to Season 5 – that bond they have has got them through some pretty scary events. Three more episodes left!? Already!? I don’t want it to end.

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