*Please Read* A Note to Sam Heughan and to Fans   37 comments

Many of you know Sam Heughan posted the following on both Twitter and Instagram. If you have not read it yet, please do: 


Our first note is for Sam: 

Dear Sam, 

As fans of both Outlander and you, thank you for bringing our beloved Jamie to life on screen. We are saddened to hear you’re having to go through this. No one should ever have to deal with bullying, stalking, invasion of privacy and so forth. We’re sending you a lot of love right now and hopefully your words resounded with some who were acting the way they were. Thank you for being a wonderful person and thank you for doing so much for charity. We stand beside you during these times.  

To fans: 

First and foremost we would like to say Sam is a human being. He does not belong to anyone but himself. If you support him, thank you. If you’ve been treating him like above you need to check yourselves. It’s not because Sam portrays Jamie on the big screen that it gives you the right to his personal life. Be grateful for what he does choose to share with us. Anything he does not share with us is none of your business. Him being a star does not give you the right to invade his private life. Do not project the idea of the character onto him. 

We’ve been running two websites for 11 years. The other is about Robert Pattinson and the same thing happened to him. It was ugly, it was disturbing and you would not believe how low people can sink. It’s truly awful. I’ve seen emails sent to Rob (some of them thought we were him), I’ve received every threat under the sun and been stalked for the stances we took, which was to not share any information about his personal life, gossip or paparazzi images. We’ve been part of the Anti-Paparazzi Initiative for years. Whatever you’re doing, DO NOT do this to Sam. Stop stalking and harassing him. Stop creating gossip about him. Please respect him as a human being. He is not yours, he does not belong to you, you have no right to do this to him. Would you like this to be done to you? Think about that for a minute. 

We’ve had this policy in our “About” section since we started this site and this will never change.

To all of you who support Sam, and we know it’s the majority of you, keep doing it. He needs your support so much right now. 


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37 responses to “*Please Read* A Note to Sam Heughan and to Fans

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  1. Thank you for sending this, I think it’s terrible what Sam has put up with.

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  2. This news about crazies going after Sam H is horrible! Please add my name to the list of followers who admire and respect his privacy and only support him as a fine actor and wonderful member of the Outlander community. It horrifies that anyone would go after such a generous human being simply because they don’t have a clue about the individual they are accusing. Sam Heughan is not deserving of being treated wrongly because he exemplifies the utmost of kindness and good possible.

    Please tell him of my admiration and horror with anyone who thinks otherwise!

    Chris Finklein

  3. I had no idea people were doing this! That is so mean! I guess some people think they need their 15 minutes of fame by slamming someone else. Most of those people don’t like themselves so they have to slam others. I am so sorry this has happened; to Sam and all the celebrities who have put themselves on the line for our entertainment and have shared their gifts with us. Thank you.

  4. I am shocked and ashamed of these people! I admire and respect these fine actors and actresses who share their gifts and talents to bring Diana’s words to the screen. It seems to me the people doing the ‘shaming’ just want their own 15 minutes of fame by bringing someone else down because they can’t do it any other way. I don’t know the cast members personally, but I have met Diana and she is amazing! If SHE likes them, they must be amazing, too.

  5. Sams statement made me cry. To think that there are people out there who take pleasure in saying and doing such things. They are despicable and twisted. I wish him all the luck and happiness in his life and thank him and the rest of the Outlander family for the pleasure they give through the series. Thank you and keep safe, stay put.

  6. Thank you for posting this both in support and in warning! #StandWithSam. Always.

    Susan Gajderowicz
  7. What???? I never heard any of this. This is disgusting. These people are evil. I love Sam and pray that he gets through this!

  8. It is horrible what people have to go through no matter if it’s actors, politicians, big name billionaires or anyone. Please add my name to one who is a complete supporter of freedom, yet personal privacy, not a freedom to be abusive by harassing or tormenting another. There are limits and laws to protect invasion of privacy. So sad that there are actual human beings who can spread such venomous behavior.

  9. I read Sam’s message I felt so bad for him being the wonderful & special human being he is always giving back with his charities, reaching out to his fans & of course the magical talent he portrays on screen that due to the abuse he has endured over the past 6 years without saying anything he was so distraught he was compelled to post it publicly broke my heart. He needs to know he is admired and loved by his real fans who only wish him well, the right to his private personal like without being attached. The public is only entitled to the best performance Sam can give, which he does time & time again nothing more. Ellen Gottlieb, April 19, 2020 at 6:35 pm

  10. I’ve seen these kind of cruel, hateful posts for years. It’s been despicable. Normal fans appreciate Sam Heughan and the good work he has done. ♥️

  11. This is terrible!!
    I had no idea this was happening g to such a great actor..
    But Sam do t be afraid to fly
    Wear a mask and gloves … the planes and airports are deserted.. only ten people were on my flight
    I have to fly for my work …
    I will pray for you… please don’t let these ignorant people influence who you are …a great actor and and a fine man..
    We love you Sam!!

  12. I have read Sam’s words on several Outlander Fan FaceBook pages, and I am absolutely horrified that ANYONE could do this to another person. Where is their compassion or mercy? Or basic humanity?? Please add my name to the MASSIVE list of all of us who love you, Sam, and love what you have created in our beloved character of Jamie Fraser. Your work stands as magnificent!!

  13. True fans of the show & the cast appreciate seeing this. Thank you for reiterating your position & sharing it with everyone. Can’t believe how gracious Sam has been for so long. As I’ve watched his fan base increase over the years to include all kinds of crazy folk, I’ve worried that he would step away from acting altogether or at least limit his public appearances. Thankfully he’s weathered the storm & is now speaking out. I would have blown up ages ago. #IStandWithSam

  14. I have read & reread Sam’s statement which broke my heart. Sam is such a talented actor creates magical moments on screen for our viewing pleasure. I can’t understand why such hateful people would target this wonderful human being who only wants to be considered a great actor, humanitarian & always gives his time signing autographs & selfies with his fans & yet has endured 6 years of abuse which he was so troubled by that he made it public. We all need to show our support for Sam especially now that he & the rest of us are isolated from our loved ones & friends. Let’s all give our continued support to Sam letting him know we all appreciate him. The only thing we the public are entitled to is Sam’s great acting which he gives each and every time he’s on screen. Thank you. Ellen Gottlieb

    • I read what Sam wrote. It was a shame that he and his family had to read such a thing. His fellow cast members as well or anyone. Sam is a gifted actor and works hard at his job. It is his time for vacation and what business is it of anyone’s what he does in his private life. Congratulations Sam for saying something about this. You know who you are, just because they don’t, well, Not Your Problem!!! Enjoy your life and Thank you for all you do for so many people, who do know who you are!! I was fortunate to meet your cast mates, they were wonderful people. One day I will have the Honor to meet one more, you. Thanks again for being you!! Edith B Martinez

      Edith B Martinez
  15. Thank you for Standing by Sam. I hope he knows how many of us love him and want him to be happy & healthy.
    I believe he is the best actor and most attractive, loveable sweet man in the business. I will always love him no matter what he does in his personal life. I just want him to be happy❤️

    Carole Hope Nelson
  16. There are actually no words that can express the shock and horror I feel of such a small percentage of fellow humans who can act so criminally and offensively as to stalk slur and harass a kind and genuine person like Sam Heughan. I am his mother’s age but I am a fan. I am a fan of his talent, craft , charities, entrepreneurship and his MPC which has changed my life. I am stronger and walking only because of him and his team in both viscerally through Outlander and literally by being a Peaker. I pray that all his troubles are solved definitely and I spray he receive all the rewards and accolades he deserves

  17. I totally agree with all comments made here…..Sam do not give control of your humanity over to these weak people…stay true to yourself you are an amazing actor and incredible man love to you😍

  18. I was stunned and horrified to read what Sam Heughan has been subjected to. I have never met Sam nor any other of the great actors in Outlander – but they have put themselves out there to give us the series “Outlander” – which means they are doing what they love best for us. Bu for them to be harassed, threatened, bullied and stalked is not what they should live under. Their private lives are theirs only – not for others to invade. So to each and everyone of the cast of Outlander, we love you.

  19. people can be crazy and I can understand his concerns,but he has a loving dedicated fan base,Sam we are all here for you

  20. Sam – you are such an inspiration – both as an actor and a person of great integrity and care for others. You will never be able to read all these supportive posts – there will be millions from your fan base. But we are here for you. Stay safe and take care. Love to you and the whole cast and crew of Outlander.

    Marjorie Henzell
  21. I feel saddened that such a sweet , kind person as you is experiencing this. I wish I could give you a reassuring hug. I am in your mother’s age group and believe no one should be treated this way. Take care of yourself and rest.

  22. I am so sorry and sad to hear this. Sending you much love and support. Please stay safe.

  23. What kind of world do we live in when people feel the need to harass other human beings. Acting is a job and profession and Sam is not Jamie. He is a human being whose job it is to entertain us….and he does a damn fine job. Do these same people bully the bus driver, the grocery clerk and others? They are angry people who probably bully most people in their lives. It is to bad they waste all that energy when it could be put to good use by helping others not spending their time with hate mail and threats. For God’s sake get a grip. Life is to damn short to spend it this way….take it from someone who went to the edge a few years ago….don’t waste it on hate, jealousy or revenge.

    Linda Bourke Collins
  24. The anonymity of the internet ans SM makes it easy, to say anything you want to without seeing the other person. It’s affecting pupils, politicans and celebreties and many more. Please don’t put on these shoes, whatever they write. In a world where Trump has followers, there might be some bad assess, who don’t like people with an open, friendly mind. The others are stupid, NOT YOU. “because they don’t know what they’re doing” was the name of “Rebel without a cause” with James Dean and this sentence is so true.

    Sandra Stenzeleit
  25. It’s a hateful world. People are cruel bullies and feel the need to spew their ugliness. I believe that truly good, hardworking, honest, generous people might get the worst of the online bullying and hate. The uglies sit on their sofa or behind their desks on their computers and take delight in trying to hurt and discredit others. To rise above it, to be stronger than what is negatively and untruthfully said must be a difficult struggle. If anyone can do this, it’s Sam Heughan. Stay safe and be well. Bullies be damned.

  26. The sad part about this kind of cruelty is that some people just have a lot of hate, envy and jealousy in them. When they feel that the person they’ve fixated on is not theirs personally, they can turn on a dime and out comes the vitriol. The time these disturbed individuals expel to cause so much mayhem is unbelievable. You have to be really careful when it comes to obsessive ‘fans’. TRUE fans don’t behave like this. Please remember. Let’s pray that the entire cast is kept safe from these kind of disturbed individuals. They really do need to be locked up.

  27. I was so saddened to read Sam’s statement…. I do remember when Outlander first stated on TV, that some obsessive fans were upset that Sam and Cait were not a couple in real life. Had no idea that it had gotten this bad and for so long!!! My heart goes out to Sam and anyone who is being bullied… These threats and harassment are illegal and I hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent of the law!!!

  28. People can be so cruel. It is sad that they have nothing else in their lives but to attack others. Unfortunately being in the “lime light” does expose you to more of those sadistic Souls that have the need to be cruel. I am a fan of Outlander, a fan of Bloodwise and a fan of your charities. I can only hope that it improves for you and the cast. God Bless!

  29. Thank you for posting this. I appreciate what you said to Sam and I don’t want to invade his privacy, so I haven’t commented to him, but I hope that he finds encouragement in so many fans supporting him. What you said to us is spot on and thank you for saying so. I truly don’t understand why anyone would bother Sam, but there have been so many tragic examples of ” fans” doing crazy things to actors or in the name of actors and singers that it is hard not to take it seriously. Lets pray the entire cast is safe from this harassment and if anything happens to Aldo I will be on it in a second!

  30. Thank you for writing what I have thought and said for a long time. It was well said. I have been seeing bits and pieces of this garbage on Tumblr as I have searched for OL fanfic. Most times I scroll through, but the times I have stopped to read some of it I can barely get through a sentence or paragraph.
    I don’t belong to Twitter or IG and things like this make me glad I don’t. I find these people unstable,mean,jealous cowards who are not happy unless they are being hurtful to others. None of us know Sam and he has every right to a private life as does his fellow castmates who have had to deal w/this as well. Thank you for your wonderful OL emails I find in my inbox and for defending Sam. I wish there was some way he could see all the support he is getting and I wish there was someway to stop these people. In one of the many posts I read they referred to these people as humans. I said humans have to have humanity and these people have none.

  31. I stand with Sam. So sorry for what he has had to endure.

  32. I just can’t understand people who feel in entitled to criticize, harass or stalk a celebrity and especially Sam who has been so good to the fans. Horrible behavior. I hope they have been banned from any Outlander website and I hope Sam can find his joy for acting again!

    Barbara Phelps King
  33. I have 8 episodes on my PVR to watch of Outlander with my friend. We love this so much that we are waiting until this Covid scare is gone. Sam, you have let us look forward to something <3

  34. I would just like to add myself to the list of people /fans that stand with this wonderful man. What has been done to him is wrong and has to stop. I hope he can step back and take this time to regain that wonderful spirit of his and find some peace of mind. I know I’m just one voice in a world of millions but if enough small voices speak, they’ll become a roar and maybe he’ll realize just how much he is loved and needed so that he might get his power and energy back and hold on to his faith in humanity.

    Marianne Armstrong
  35. Sam I was shocked and horrified to find that you were made to feel so bad. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you as both an actor and a decent human being. I’m so sorry that you are having to go through this. I hope you are feeling better and please continue to follow your best judgement in isolating and staying safe. These horrible people don’t deserve your attention. Love and admiration to you always and respect for anyone who is fortunate enough to be close to you.🤗

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