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NEW Still of Claire, Marsali and Felicite in Outlander 5×09 “Monsters and Heroes”   2 comments

Here is a NEW Still of Claire, Mardali and Felicite in Outlander 5×09 “Monsters and Heroes”


NEW BTS Pics from Outlander 5×09 “Monsters and Heroes”   1 comment

Here are NEW BTS Pics from Outlander 5×09 “Monsters and Heroes”

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*New* 220+ HQ Screencaps From the Trailer of Episode 5×10 of Outlander “Mercy Shall Follow Me”   1 comment

*New* Trailer for Episode 5×10 of Outlander “Mercy Shall Follow Me”   Leave a comment

*Please Read* A Note to Sam Heughan and to Fans   37 comments

Many of you know Sam Heughan posted the following on both Twitter and Instagram. If you have not read it yet, please do: 


Our first note is for Sam: 

Dear Sam, 

As fans of both Outlander and you, thank you for bringing our beloved Jamie to life on screen. We are saddened to hear you’re having to go through this. No one should ever have to deal with bullying, stalking, invasion of privacy and so forth. We’re sending you a lot of love right now and hopefully your words resounded with some who were acting the way they were. Thank you for being a wonderful person and thank you for doing so much for charity. We stand beside you during these times.  

To fans: 

First and foremost we would like to say Sam is a human being. He does not belong to anyone but himself. If you support him, thank you. If you’ve been treating him like above you need to check yourselves. It’s not because Sam portrays Jamie on the big screen that it gives you the right to his personal life. Be grateful for what he does choose to share with us. Anything he does not share with us is none of your business. Him being a star does not give you the right to invade his private life. Do not project the idea of the character onto him. 

We’ve been running two websites for 11 years. The other is about Robert Pattinson and the same thing happened to him. It was ugly, it was disturbing and you would not believe how low people can sink. It’s truly awful. I’ve seen emails sent to Rob (some of them thought we were him), I’ve received every threat under the sun and been stalked for the stances we took, which was to not share any information about his personal life, gossip or paparazzi images. We’ve been part of the Anti-Paparazzi Initiative for years. Whatever you’re doing, DO NOT do this to Sam. Stop stalking and harassing him. Stop creating gossip about him. Please respect him as a human being. He is not yours, he does not belong to you, you have no right to do this to him. Would you like this to be done to you? Think about that for a minute. 

We’ve had this policy in our “About” section since we started this site and this will never change.

To all of you who support Sam, and we know it’s the majority of you, keep doing it. He needs your support so much right now. 


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*New* 2,310+ HQ Screencaps From Episode 5×09 of Outlander “Monsters and Heroes”   1 comment

Here are 2,310+ HQ Screencaps from episode 5×09 of Outlander “Monsters and Heroes” that we made for you guys. 

**Please source if you use** 

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