*SPOILER WARNING* Come Rate & Discuss Episode 5×08 of Outlander “Famous Last Words” With Us   6 comments

What did you think of episode 5×08 of Outlander “Famous Last Words”? Did you have any favourite scenes? We’d love to hear from you and discuss it in the comments. 


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6 responses to “*SPOILER WARNING* Come Rate & Discuss Episode 5×08 of Outlander “Famous Last Words” With Us

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  1. I thought Richard Rankin’s performance was amazing! Was surprised to see Ian return early. Thought Jocasta and Jamie’s mourning for Murtagh was touching. Was thrilled to have Lord John back with a speaking part.

    The first time I watched it I thought the initial part with the silent movie, black & white flashback was very effective, but I didn’t like so many of the silent movie flashbacks throughout the show. Wasn’t sure i wanted to see it once, let alone multiple times. With another view I noticed different details in each of the flashbacks that I didnt catch the first time. Details like his blood vessels burst in his eyes. Seeing what he saw through the burlap sack was very creative…Very interesting.

    • Well, that’s it. I tried to hang in there with the series because Sam is such a nice guy, but the episode tonight was a deal breaker! The rewriting of the characters is sophomoric, prosaic, and frankly sad!. To denigrate and destroy Ian’s character like that was inexcusable. The ridiculously overdressed sets for the big house, the pathetic attempts at symbolism … to not use Ian’s true return was just sad!!! Enjoy the the soap opera of a TV show y’all; I’m off for another reread of well written, likable, interesting characters.

  2. I found the use of the silent movie technique brilliant. It conveyed his struggle. Ian is a complex character. Did he want to die or his emotional pain and turmoil to cease? They
    Put each other on the road to the rest of their stories.

  3. Didn’t much care for THAT many flashbacks. It felt like they were just burning minutes. Will we ever know why Young Ian comes back other than “she is dead to me now” Why didn’t you use the real reason he comes back.

  4. One of the best crafted and interpreted episodes of all the seasons, condensing and comparing strands of the book and drawing parallels between two younger male characters permanently changed and profoundly effected by traumatic events. Silent movie reference a neat bridge between the old and new world. It also served to illustrate the recurring nature of traumatic events which leads to PTSD. Solid performances all round and welcome return of Ian (and no advance spoilers). Diana Gabaldon’s brilliant books are wonderfully dense and although I love it when the stories are followed faithfully, through necessity the scripts must be abridged and episode 8 achieves this without losing sight of important content.

  5. Poor Ian – he is a young man who was looking for a life of adventure but it turned for the worse when he was kidnapped in Season 3, then he really got immersed into the frontier life with the love of new people and culture – then somewhere along the way he has been hurt again – i love Ian but sad for him too, his life certainly has taken a more serious direction. I loved the black and white flashbacks. Both Roger’s and Ian’s lives have been full of trauma and struggles.

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