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Here is a NEW Interview with Richard Rankin from Town & Country

From T&C:

Against all odds, Roger MacKenzie survived a hanging this season on Outlander, but that rope around his neck did manage to kill a piece of him: his voice. Whether lecturing at Oxford or singing to Jemmy and Brianna on Fraser’s Ridge, his voice is core to his identity—and left without it, he’s unsure of his place in the world.

“He’s really been stripped down to his soul,” Rankin said of his character over the phone this week. “And he really questions what he is without his voice, what is his worth?”

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Here, Richard Rankin reflects on Roger’s journey of finding his voice again, and shares his own thoughts about last words.

When did you first become aware of this storyline for Roger?

I’ve been aware of the storyline for a few years now. The casting process for Roger was quite a long one, so I had plenty of opportunity to read ahead and see where the story was going to go. Outlander was going to be a huge commitment, and I wanted to know what I was getting myself into. I think Roger has one of the best story arcs in the books, so that was something I was very excited about when I took the role.

This storyline is highly anticipated; fans of Diana Gabaldon’s books have known that it’s been coming. Does that anticipation from fans impact your performance at all?

That sense of anticipation is something I’m always aware of, because we have such an incredible respect for our fan base on Outlander. Obviously, the show wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t have them.

But in saying that, I think my performance is always going to be as honest and as truthful as I can make it. I just treat it with respect. I try to treat it with the knowledge that there are many people waiting to see what we do with it, and maybe that makes me work a bit harder; maybe that heightens my awareness of it; and maybe that will give them the better product at the end. But it’s always my goal to deliver a scene as honestly as I can, and hopefully the rest will take care of itself.


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  1. Great interview with Roger. I love his perspective about Ian and Roger. They both have a lot in common – they are not happy with things as they are. Both are changed men.

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