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Here is a NEW Interview With Matt Roberts from Entertainment Weekly


In an inspired move for Outlander, Sunday’s episode, titled “Famous Last Words,” depicted the more graphic moments from Roger’s hanging as an eerie, black and white silent film. Here, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts and Richard Rankin (Roger MacKenzie) explain how the decision was made, and what it took to successfully pull it off.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The decision to show Roger’s hanging through the lens of an old black-and-white film was brilliant. Can you share some of your thought process on this, how you came to this decision?

MATTHEW B. ROBERTS: We are a visual medium. Diana Gabaldon can go directly into the character’s minds, but I say … too often, I’m sure …we can’t film a thought. We have to find creative ways of getting into the character’s head then get them out on screen. So when Dani Berrow, the writer of episode 508, came to me with the silent picture idea, I immediately fell in love with it. One, because I love black-and-white photography. Two, because black-and-white makes you work a bit — makes you use your imagination. Three, it was a visually brilliant way to get into Roger’s thoughts. So, as she pitched out the idea, her thought was that Roger is a man whose gift is his voice, but now he’s deprived of it — forced into silence… experiencing his trauma psychologically, like a movie playing out in his mind. She cited a description in The Fiery Cross of Roger’s body being corpse-like, but covered in colorful bruises — reds, blues, yellows, purples, and greens — and thought there was something fascinating about the idea of this contrast, transforming Roger’s very real, living pain into black and white and into silence.


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  1. This episode was amazing. Wow well done

  2. As always this show leaves me wanting more..this episode was awesome. I cannot say enough about the talent of the cast…words fail me KODOS to all..Roger was amazing!!

  3. Best episode of the season! I loved these two men healing one another. And, the visuals were traumatic.

    Cynthia S Jackson
  4. That black and white photo above (I love black and white photography) – is a piece of time travel in itself – an archived photo of the frontier days – an amazing piece of creative talent. Roger and Ian are outstanding. I knew Season 5 would be amazing and it is all that. The entire cast is brilliant. Great interview,

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