NEW HQ Stills For Outlander 5×08 “Famous Last Words”   3 comments

Here are NEW HQ Stills for Outlander 5×08 “Famous Last Words”

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3 responses to “NEW HQ Stills For Outlander 5×08 “Famous Last Words”

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  1. Great missed Outlander this past weekend. Looking forward to the ongoing life of the Frasers. Jamie and Claire are always the glue that holds everything together. Love them so much. Thanks for sharing the new Stills above. Always appreciated.

  2. The photo of Bree and Jamie sitting at the table they look so much a like. There is no question they are father and daughter. I have thought that all along, but that photo really shows it.

  3. I believe Maril Davis and Matt Roberts missed the mark here. If that’s Jemmy why doesn’t he have red hair? He is supposed to look like no one so much as his Grandsire. They couldn’t find any red headed twins in Scotland? If it’s Germain than I beg pardon. I also feel they missed it in the final episode ssh 4. I feel it was very important for Jamie to be at his grandsons birth being as he missed all the births of his children. They could certainly have dedicated a few minutes of that episode to it instead of all the native American “fluff”

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