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From Collider:

My heart hurts. I think a lot of people will be feeling that on Sunday. Tell me how you learned the news that they were finally bidding adieu to your character?

DUNCAN LACROIX: I found out just before the beginning of the season … because I was optioned for six seasons. But yeah, it kind of finally ran its course and they dropped the bomb on me before we started filming the season.

Although, if you had been optioned for six seasons, there was a certain gentleman who was in Sunday night’s episode who used to be on the show and came back to the show, so there’s always that type of opportunity.

LACROIX: (Laughs) I don’t know about that.

Did you and Graham McTavish get to see each other at all when he was on set to play Roger Mackenzie’s ancestor?

LACROIX: Yeah. I stay in contact with Graham a lot. We’re good friends. So yeah, saw him briefly and we hang out in Scotland. He was filming [his podcast] Clan Lands with Sam about the same time, I think. That’s Sam and Graham touring around Scotland together, which people are looking forward to.

Let’s talk about some of the scenes in your final episode. One of the ones I thought was done so beautifully was you have Governor Tryon reading his demands and you reading Tryon’s demands to your Regulator men and then we have this brief shot of Jamie in the field all alone. Can you talk a little bit about filming that?

LACROIX: Yeah, that was a night shoot with all the wonderful [Regulator actors] there, having to listen to me go over the speech about 50 times and pretend to cheer along. I kind of like those big – they’re almost Shakespearean – speeches to the men. It gives you a chance to roar your head off and the other thing about it was they only changed it at the last minute. It was meant to be just Governor Tryon reading the letter and it was a great idea to [add Murtagh] reading it as well, but I hadn’t actually learnt that, so they wrote it down for me. But they’re meticulous on Outlander. They actually wrote it in the style of an old letter in the script writing. My eyesight’s so bad, I couldn’t actually read it (laughs). I had to have more idiot-proof, bigger letters printed out while I was viewing it.

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  1. A beautiful interview. I am going to miss Murtagh so much. He gave the show character, steadfastness and family loyalty, and didn’t hold back what he thought and what he fought for. Even though Murtagh is gone, he will always be in Outlander – just the same as Dougal – he’ll always be a part of Outlander. They will always be a presence in Outlander. I cried a lot in Episode 7 – the scene between Jamie and Murtagh was heart wrenching. Poor Jamie, he has lost so much, hoping that his Uncle could be saved, but knowing he couldn’t be. Duncan Lacroix was amazing as Murtagh – loved him a lot. Thank you for sharing the interview with us all. Always appreciated.

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