*Spoiler Warning* Come Discuss Episode 5×07 of Outlander “The Ballad of Roger Mac”   24 comments

Here’s a discussion post for episode 5×07 of Outlander “The Ballad of Roger Mac”.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on it! What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite scenes? Please leave your thoughts in the comments! 

**SPOILER WARNING: There will be spoilers in the comments. Please do not read them until you’ve watched the episode 

24 responses to “*Spoiler Warning* Come Discuss Episode 5×07 of Outlander “The Ballad of Roger Mac”

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  1. As a book reader I “thought” I knew what was coming. The death of Murtaugh didn’t surprise me. I felt like it was coming soon to move that part of the story along. The addition of Graham McTavish as Buc was such an amazing surprise!!! When Jamie was forced to put on the redcoat I could feel his anger through the screen. Hands down one of the best episodes since season 1!!!

  2. “I’d never betray your mother, no matter who asked.” Broke my heart. Murtagh loved Ellen until the very end.

    I was surprised to see Graham McTavish playing Buck MacKenzie, but he pulled that off so well.

    Great episode. Heartbreaking in so many ways. As a book reader I didn’t want to feel the pain of losing Murtagh twice, but we did.

    All the actors did a great job.

    • Totally agree with your post. Watched it 2 times and cried both times. Not 100% sure the changed man is Roger. White napkin in pocket makes you think it is but cliff hanger says maybe not. Thoughts?

      Joan Oppenheimer
  3. I couldn’t give this episode a top rating because i was so devastated over Murtaugh’s death. I could see it coming and just kept saying “no” continually.

  4. I loved it. For me probably the best episode yet in the series. Definitely the strongest for Sam.

  5. This was the episode that takes us to the next level… Sam’s performance was stellar, losing Murtagh was hard for me because he was one of my favorite characters, but as a book reader I knew that in order to follow the story they would have to get rid of him… As for Roger OMG , I knew this was coming but wanna ready for it, just glad they didn’t show the hangings.. This episode was off the chain 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

    Linda Christensen
    • Agree with you. It was hard losing Murtagh, but like you mentioned there wasn’t really any choice. I’m also glad they didn’t show the hanging scene. Sam’s performance was phenomenal!

  6. OMG! What an episode!!! So well written and performed, even if it deviated a little from the book. The ending is spectacular, especially if you have not read the book. Unfortunately, Murtagh did not have any more space in the series, I bid my farewell in Culloden, where he died, fighting back to back with Jamie. I think this is so far the best episode of the season! If you have read the book there will be another big tragic moment to come. I enjoyed some lines taken directly from the book.

    Helena A Alfonzo
    • I had trouble bidding farwell to Murtagh as, as book readers we lose him twice it seems. I have to admit as much as I loved his character and Duncan, I wish he would have died at Culloden protecting Jamie.

  7. LOVED 507, and am loving Season 5 almost as much as Season 1!! was thrilled to see the J&C chemistry (was worried after the tryst in the stables went awry). loved the R&B scene at the beginning, was dreading the hanging and was grateful we didn’t see it happen. when they brought back Murtagh in the TV series, i really thought he’d marry Jocasta since we hadn’t seen the Innes character in season 4… but with the arrival of Innes in Season 5, was resigned to this eventuality, but it didn’t make it any easier to watch! Sam and Duncan deserve awards for their performances.

    Does anyone know what the scene during the opening credits was in reference to? a modern man was composing music… was this supposed to be Roger? confused me.

  8. Was Roger really dead? I thought SPOILER in the book he lives but can’t talk or something?&

  9. Knew Murtaugh was going to meet his end this season but still hard to watch. Loved the SURPRISE character AND I am not quite convinced that is Roger hanging from the tree because one of those Regulators could have taken the handkerchief. I noticed the hand up in the head wrap and hoping he did that to stop the noose from hanging him and had to be quiet due to the redcoats OR I am wrong and he is dead for I have only read the first 2 books!!

    Gloria Miller Utz
    • It is Roger, but you’re right. He is holding the rope to stop the noose from hanging him. He does survive. But barely and his vocal chords are badly damaged. I loved the fact that Graham McTavish was in there!

      • Kept thinking……..I know this voice. Where have I seen this character. Then it hit me looking in his eyes. Loved him!!!!!

  10. I loved everything except I really think Herman Husband should’ve been included in this episode. Buck’s casting was an unreal surprise.

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