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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

Sam Heughan truly shines in Sunday’s episode of Outlander as his character, Jamie Fraser, swears obedience to the British, begrudgingly fights his former countrymen, and bids farewell to a beloved father figure. Here, the 39-year-old actor talks from Hawaii — where he recently vacationed but ended up having to remain because of self-quarantine — about his final days working alongside the terrific Duncan Lacroix, and why it was important for him to a wear a red coat before going to battle against the Regulators.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This was such an incredible episode for you. 

SAM HEUGHAN: Thank you. I was so excited about this episode and nervous too because I just knew what it meant. We knew that we were going to lose Murtagh in this episode, and he’s been such a strong character. And for Jamie, he’s the link to Jamie’s past in Scotland. He’s really his father figure, as well. He’s a silent, constant figure, someone that Jamie can rely on who’s been there from the very beginning. And for Jamie to be pitted against him was hard enough, but then to lose him was really traumatic.

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  1. Wonderful interview given by Sam. He is an amazing actor and a very humble person. Episode 7 really showed what a great actor he is.

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