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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from ELLE Magazine

From ELLE:

“Murtagh, ugh!” In the midst of a pandemic, Sam Heughan is trying to remain positive—the actor has just completed a social isolation baking challenge with his Outlander cast mates when we hop on the phone to discuss the latest episode—but I’ve just accused him of emotional manipulation, and I’m well within my rights. Tonight’s Outlander offers several tragic beats that would be crushing on their own: Jamie Fraser donning a British red coat to fight against the Regulators; the death of his beloved godfather, Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix), in the skirmish history will remember as the Battle of Alamance; and the gruesome discovery of his son-in-law Roger (Richard Rankin) hanging from a tree after crossing paths with the enemy camp.

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Heughan loved every minute. “It was my favorite episode,” he tells of “The Ballad of Roger Mac.” “This was a tough season to break from the book and I think it’s going to be one of our best because of that storyline.” Murtagh’s death is a controversial storytelling choice; in the Outlander books, the character died years earlier under less dramatic circumstances. But on the show, Jamie and Murtagh are pitted against each other—Murtagh as a Regulator, part of an early group of rebels plotting against British rule in the late 1760s, as Jamie is conscripted to fight alongside the British lest he lose Fraser’s Ridge, the land he and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) have built into a bustling settlement in the backwoods of North Carolina. In fact, Jamie’s superior has ordered him to find and kill Murtagh, a task Jamie managed to avoid until battle, when another soldier completes the deed with a shot to Murtagh’s chest. The Scot dies in Jamie’s arms, his last words exactly the same as in the book: “Dinna be afraid, a bhalaich. It doesn’t hurt a bit to die.” It’s a heartbreak neither Jamie nor book fans saw coming, and one compounded by the strain of losing Roger. “It’s a very dense episode,” Heughan accedes. “The repercussions are huge for everyone.”

Below, Heughan breaks down the process of shooting this episode, what’s to come, and how his My Peak Challenge fitness charity is encouraging self-care during coronavirus self-isolation.

Jamie has experienced a lot of grief in the last few seasons. What makes Murtagh’s death different?

It felt [like] the most grief. He’s not only losing his godfather—basically a stepfather—but he’s losing the last real contact with Scotland, the last member of his blood apart from his aunt and daughter. It’s very raw—losing that part of his life, the old world and ways of doing things. For Jamie, losing him is like losing his rock, like losing one of his points of safety. There was always this great love between Jamie and Murtagh and it was never spoken of. You just knew Murtagh was always there for Jamie, and likewise.


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  1. Good Interview with Sam. There is nothing simple in Jamie Fraser’s life – always controversy, heart breaking decisions, and danger.

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