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Here is a NEW Video from John Bell


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  1. Great idea, John Bell! Where is your favorite music? Or are they the classic Scottish songs? Five hundred miles? What do you do with a drunken sailor? The Fiery Cross?

  2. God I miss you. For the love of Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ stay healthy because I NEED to see you meet Rachel. Anyway. Love Glen Hansard. That sad Irish bastard moves me to tears. And I grew up in the 90’s so I gotta say I still love Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. But two of my all time favorite songs in the world are Fraser’s Ridge and Roger and Brianna’s song. I can’t wait to hear what ian and Rachel get. I’m dying inside…I just know you and Rollo are gonna pop up at the very last moment and I’m gonna be so happy and then Season 6 isn’t gonna get made for a frickin year because of this stupid virus. Thank you for your awesome work bringing Young Ian to life for me!

    Melanie McGinnis
  3. I hope John Bell is back into Outlander. I loved his role as “Young Ian”. A fantastic young actor. Miss him a lot.

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