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Here is a NEW Pic of Sam Heughan


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  1. I think that historic type of costumes suits You better.I love your acting , the way You speak the language,your nice physics ,beautiful smile and a lot more positives.I have a feeling ,that in your private life you are a lot like Jamie – solid ,good man! I am not able to watch season 5 yet, but I certainly will. We all have to practice social distancing presently because of the pandemic but it will be a good time to watch movies at home and reflect on them. The Outlander has a lot of fans nowadays. The love,true love is something very hard to find these days…so people long for it.It is so needed in our society. Jamie and Claire are showing us ,presenting to us a beautiful love and responsibility for each other in very difficult You for your very good ,inspiring role in the movie and also outside of the cameras.I want my son to watch it and possibly learn from it.We hope to get your whiskey from the US,because it is not for sale in Canada yet.Please take care of yourself, especially now when the virus is spreading very quickly in England.

    • Hi Barbara: Loved your comment. I am obsessed fan of “Outlander” myself. I think you will really enjoy Season 5 – especially the first episode “The Wedding” – it is a treasure. Sam looks like he is having fun all dressed up like someone from outer space.

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