*New* Diana Gabaldon’s Interview With Parade Magazine Regarding Episode 5×04 of Outlander “The Company We Keep”   Leave a comment

From Parade:


Outlander author Diana Gabaldon spoke exclusively to Parade.com about the scene in which “Jamie and Claire amorously drunk walk in the dark, away from the raucous party in Brownsville, where humor changes to a bittersweet, but no less loving conversation about babies.”

In an intimate moment during the most recent Outlander episode, Jamie asks, “Do you want wee Bonnie? Do you want to keep her? We have a big house. I have seen you with her Sassenach. I see how you would have looked with Bree. I thought this might be the last chance to raise a bairn together.”

Claire is the more practical of the two, telling Jamie that they might not be the best parents for Bonnie. She says, “Please know that I love you even more for wanting to take the chance. I so regretted that we were never parents together, but regret isn’t enough. I love our life together. I don’t think we would be the best home for her.”

“Jamie asking Claire whether she wants to keep Bonnie is the epitome of tenderness,” Gabaldon added. “It touches on their mutual regret that they were never parents together, and his longing during their years of separation–hoping that his child had survived, and imagining Claire as a mother, holding his baby…and knowing that he’d never see that. Claire gives him a beautiful, tender answer: she shares his regret, but regret is not enough. And together they make the decision to give the baby to Lucinda, a young mother who lost her own baby at birth, and has both love and milk in abundance.”

Read the full article here.

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