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Here is a NEW Interview with Lauren Lyle From Oprah Magazine

From Oprah Mag:

When Outlander viewers first met Marsali MacKimmie Fraser in season 3, she seemed like more of a plot device than a character: As the daughter of Laoghaire MacKenzie, Marsali was the stepdaughter we didn’t know Jamie had, who’d been raised to believe that Claire was a witch or worse. It was easy to dismiss Marsali as a mere extension of her mother—and as such, just one more obstacle between Claire, the show’s heroine, and her torrid love affair with her long-lost husband, Jamie. Oh, how far Marsali has come since then.

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“She’s very badass, I think,” Lauren Lyle, who plays Marsali, told me when Starz invited to the Outlander set. In season 3 and season 4, Marsali traveled the high seas with Jamie, Claire, and her love Fergus (Jamie’s adopted son, essentially, played by César Domboy), settled in America after washing ashore, and even helped stage a jailbreak—so the term “badass” is fair.

In “Between Two Fires,” Claire tells her daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) that she needs to find ways to help save her 18th-century patients without her 20th-century medical advances. Minutes later, Claire sees Marsali expertly butcher a goat and realizes that the perfect apprentice is standing right in front of her.


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  1. The look on Marsali’s face when she saw the body on Claire’s operating table, was priceless. For a woman of that century venturing into the unknown in medicine was very risky. Lauren Lyle is outstanding as Marsali. Thank you for sharing the interview above.

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