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Here is a NEW Interview with Matt Robert from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

Now that’s a home for the ages!

In the Outlander season 5 premiere, Roger (Richard Rankin) and Bree (Sophie Skelton) exchange vows on the front lawn of the Fraser “big house” — and boy does it live up to its name. Outlander book readers who imagined a far cozier (see: small) abode for Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) were not doubt caught off guard by how large the producers ended up making the house.

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“I’ve seen a few people on Twitter saying, ‘Hey, that looks like a big house,’” admits executive producer Matthew B. Roberts. “If we built it to the actual size, we could get the actors in there but we couldn’t get any cameras or crew.”
Below, Roberts talks about their decision to expand the Fraser digs, as well as how they went about staging the Bree-Roger nuptials and why Jamie felt it necessary to announce his presence of authority before the wedding began.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What were you just most concerned about getting right?
MATTHEW B. ROBERTS: When you’re doing these big moments, you just want to make sure every detail is right. You want to show everybody’s reactions, you want to make sure the coverage is there. We filmed the whole ceremony and then we cut it down. We got all the coverage, which was so important because every time you put hundreds of extras in there, it’s like herding cats.

What was the weather like that day?
It was so warm, a lot of the crew were wearing T-shirts. We went out there for a whole week and filmed, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous for us and cooperated both day and night.



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  1. Fantastic interview. I loved Episode 1 of Season 5. To get into the interview – I am sure that the fans would like the movie and the book to be the same – not possible. I have read a number of books that were made into movies and not one of them ever stuck to the book format – as to who says what, the costuming is and where and when occurrences took place. I look at the episodes as a journey and I love both show and books.

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