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Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from Oprah Magazine

From OM:

Sam Heughan is covered in blood. Fake blood, of course, and a gritty patina of dirt expertly applied by Outlander’s makeup department with a technique called “sprackling.” Jamie Fraser, Heughan’s character on the show, has had one hell of a day—but Heughan himself is in a buoyant mood.

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“Tomorrow is maggot day!” Heughan proclaims, as he rests on the couch in his trailer between takes. The gnarly creepy-crawlies are the real deal, set to appear in a sequence I’ve watched several members of the Outlander cast film on the day Starz invited me to visit. “They have their own trailer,” the Scottish actor jokes. “They’re very demanding.”

Jamie Fraser has, as Heughan puts it, endured “a lot of injuries and a lot of trauma” over the course of the show’s four seasons. “It’s such a physical show,” he says, citing season 1 as the most grueling. Season 5 finds Jamie preparing for battle yet again, but he’s no longer the scrappy young Highlander we first met. He’s a grandfather.

“I never thought I’d be playing a granddad just yet. I’m embracing it,” Heughan says of his character, who is a decade-plus older than Heughan’s own 39 years following a season 2 time jump. Jamie’s embracing it, too.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this article. I have read all of the Outlander Books years ago and absolutely love the author. I was thrilled when STARZ announced they were going to adapt the books into a TV series. I’ve had a picture of Jamie Fraser in my head for years and had serious doubts when I saw a photo of Sam Heughan. In fact, I was actuality upset because I was looking forward to the series. Well, boy was I wrong! Sam has become the Jamie I pictured in my head. He’s nailed that character and I have great respect for his abilities as an actor.

    Teri Campbell Wiest
  2. Teri, I agree with you 100%, can’t imagine anyone else playing Jamie, he’s a joy to watch! ( on and off the screen)

  3. In total agreement with the comments above. Sam deserves to win awards for all his hard work on Outlander – he is an amazingly talented actor and a wonderful human being – very generous with his time with My Peak Challenge. Love the photo above of Sam, lots of class.

  4. I am 63 years old and i am in love with Jamie and Sam Heughan !
    If he doesn’t win an award then I think it would be an outrage!
    I was late in watching Outlanders but cannot stop watching it, 3 times seasons1 -4
    Sam plays his character perfectly ,no one else could match his brilliant portrayal of Jamie .

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