*WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY* Win A Signed Copy of “The Fiery Cross”, A Signed Copy of “The Making Of Outlander : The Complete Guide To Season Three and Four”, Outlander Magnetic Bookmarks, Outlander Soundtrack Season 4, Outlander Pendant By Nina Wozniak, Outlander 2020 Engagement Calender   240 comments


To celebrate the upcoming Season 5 of Outlander, which premiere Feb.16th, and to say thank you for the kindness and generosity that you all have shown myself and Marie these past 6 months, we are having a GIANT giveaway full of Outlander goodies!! Special shoutout to Nina Wozniak for graciously donating one of her many beautiful pieces. To visit her site click here

In this giveaway we have

  1. A Signed Copy of The Fiery Cross By Diana Gabaldon
  2. A Signed Copy of The Making of Outlander – The Official Guide To Seasons Three and Four By Tara Bennett
  3. Outlander 2020 Engagement Calendar
  4. Outlander Season 4 Soundtrack
  5. Outlander Bee and Standing Stone Pendent from Nina Wozniak
  6. Outlander Themed Magnetic Bookmarks


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow our site on twitter
  2. Retweet this tweet here
  3. Like our face book page here
  4. Leave a comment below

This contest is international!

You have until Feb 17th at 5pm Est. to enter

The winner will be picked using random.org

*One entry per person


240 responses to “*WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY* Win A Signed Copy of “The Fiery Cross”, A Signed Copy of “The Making Of Outlander : The Complete Guide To Season Three and Four”, Outlander Magnetic Bookmarks, Outlander Soundtrack Season 4, Outlander Pendant By Nina Wozniak, Outlander 2020 Engagement Calender

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  1. 1) Wow!! What an awesome give away!! Thanks for the chance!! Can’t wait for season 5!!

  2. 8) Counting the days until S5. The best show on Television!

  3. 11) Quality television!

  4. 12) Amazing giveaway!

  5. 14) Awesome prizes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. 14) Awesome!!!!

  7. 15) Great giveaway. Can’t wait for S5.

  8. 16) What a great giveaway!

  9. 17) great prizes – already followed and like everything as this is a great site!

  10. 18) Great contest, Love Outlander!

  11. 19) As a very recent discoverer (Christmas 2019) of Outlander on Netflix Australia, I can honestly say after binging seasons 1-4 I am hooked! So much so, that in less than 6 weeks I have now watched every season 3 times over from start to finish… and started at Episode 1 again last night. I’ve also watched hundreds of YouTube clips from the actor panels, interviews and various other events and caught up on articles.
    Like those who have been there since the beginning, I love the storylines, love the characters and admire the intellect, integrity, humbleness, charity support and stunning beauty/handsomeness of the actors. I can’t get enough and am counting down the days until Season 5 begins.
    I am yet to get my hands on any of Diana’s books (aside from book 1) and would be honoured to receive this prize 🙏💕

  12. 20) Done! Can’t wait to see who wins! Waiting patiently for season 5.

  13. 21) My world changed for the better from S1, Ep1 & I patiently wait for S5 to hit Oz screens…

  14. 22) I am a huge “Outlander” Fan and sooooo waiting for season 5 to get here. This is a very generous giveaway. A signed book would be cherished. If I win I would give it to my sister, who just got out of the Trauma Center here in Atlanta from a broken neck ,1st and 2nd vertebrae, coded once and a total of 9 weeks including 3 weeks at the Roosevelt Rehabilitation Hospital. She is still in sad shape, but has improved and a signed book of Outlander would certainly perk her up. So, I have my fingers crossed for her. Good luck everyone!

  15. 23) Such a great show! Appreciate the chance to win this generous giveaway!

  16. 24) This is an awesome giveaway! I would love to win this, pretty please and thank you! Outlander, and Jamie and Claire forever!!!

  17. 25) This would be one of the best group of prizes I have ever tried to win. Love all of it.

  18. 26) Been hooked on this story from the first chapter of the first book. I got a few friends, family members, and co-workers hooked too. This story is timeless.

  19. 27) Awesome giveaway! Love this show!

  20. 28) What an awesome prize.

  21. 29) So looking forward to season 5. To win the give away would be icing on the cake.

  22. 30) Great prizes! I hope I win something!
    Very excited for Outlander season 5!

  23. 31) I am loving listening to Davina Porter read the series to me (after having read it myself already. My absolute favorite book series and one of few I have reread!

  24. 32) Thanks for this fantastic opportunity! I fell in love with Outlander on June 14th of last year-never looked back and completely under its power and happy to be there!

  25. 33) Gorgeous giveaway, I love it!! the best way to celebrate season 5. Good luck to everyone.

  26. 34) What an amazing giveaway! This is the only thing that could make the arrival of Season 5 better!

  27. 35) This is an amazing giveaway! Outlander is my escape from the current real world we live in and I would love to win something (but winning a book? that would be mindblowing!) (also, please note-I followed through on the various social media, as the contest requested; my email is the same in all 3 places, but my user name varies)

  28. 36) This is fantastic!

    Michelle Petersen
  29. 36) Amazing giveaway! Thank you for the chance. Good luck to every one!

  30. 38) This give away is amazing! Thank you for doing it!

  31. 39) How awesome thanks for having this giveaway

  32. 40) All done, good luck everyone!

  33. 41) OMG!!! Fantastic giveaway!!! Any diehard fan would be ecstatic to receive such gifts!!!

  34. 42) Amazing give away, thx! Can’t wait for that ans S5.

  35. 43) Thank you all for your dedication to the series ❤️

  36. 44) What a great giveaway. Outlander-I’m an obsessed fan. Would be great to win this. Would love to add these things to my Outlander collection- scarfs, books, DVD’s ,jewelry, etc. Thank you for the opportunity! Wish me luck!

  37. 45) Outlander changed my life ♥️

  38. 46) Just entering for fun because who doesn’t want free OL stuff! But I hope a mutual from a place that can’t participate in official give always win🥰

  39. 47)Great giveaway! Thanks for always doing these!

  40. 48) I’m so excited for this giveaway!!!

  41. 49) Cant wait for Season 5!!! And thank you for including worldwide fans!!!

  42. 50) Thanks for the opportunity to win – love your work even in NZ

  43. 51) Es genial esta oportunidad!!!
    Saludos desde Argentina

  44. Feliz de participar!!!

  45. 52) What a lovely Outlander giveaway! Can’t wait til the new season starts!

    Regina Headley Marvel
  46. 53) What a wonderful giveaway! Amazing chance.

  47. 54) Esto es genial!!!

  48. Esto es genial!!!Gracias

  49. 55) Thank you for doing a wonderful giveaway for Outlander fans

  50. 57) Awesome competition thanks for the opportunity.😍😍😍😘😘😘

  51. 58) Great giveaway. Thank you 😊

  52. 59) Can’t wait for S5

  53. 60) Thanks for this great giveaway!

  54. 61) this is awesome!! Hello from the Philippines 😁

  55. 62) I am a huge Outlander fan! I am anxiously awaiting Season 5 as is everyone else. This is such a wonderful giveaway!

  56. 63) Reblogged this on Thruppence A Thought and commented:
    Just coz a girls gotta – you know! Enter if you haven’t! I have!

  57. Done, liked and followed ( On twitter. I was following you everywhere else!)

  58. 64) What an amazing way to appreciate your fans! Thank you.🦄

  59. 66) That would be so amazing to win this that would make my year

  60. 65) Fantastic giveaway, fingers crossed!

  61. 67) Thank you for the amazing giveaway opportunity. Anxiously awaiting Season 5

  62. 68) I can’t wait til S5!! Awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone!!

  63. 69) Thanks Outlander Online for this opportunity!

  64. 70) Can‘t wait for season 5!<3

  65. 71) Great prizes! Can’t wait for season 5!

  66. 72) Looking forward to season 5

  67. 73) Never win , but it’s a fantastic giveaway!! Good luck to all !!!👍

  68. 74) Great to have the chance to win one of these great giveaways thank you

  69. 75) So looking forward to S5! And the giveaway is amazing – wow!

  70. 76) Another great giveaway. Thank you so much for giving everyone a chance to win this.

    Susan hawkesworth
  71. 77) followed, retweeted and liked! Thank you for the chance to win, what an awesome giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  72. 77) What a great giveaway! I love Outlander, books and TV show. Such a wonderful story.

  73. 78) Time to sign up is now!

  74. 79) Wow great stuff for a giveaway. 💖

  75. 80) Love this! Hope to win!!!!

  76. 81) Awesome giveaway 🙂

  77. 82) Thak you for the opportunity!

  78. I fell in love with Outlander 25 years ago…an incredible work of art. Thanks for the Great Giveaway!

    Yvette d'Entremont
  79. 84) Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed 🙂

  80. 85) Wonderful website. Thanks for all you do!

  81. 86) Thank you for the fantastic giveaway

  82. 87) That would be amaxing

  83. 88) Yay! Finally a chance to win on this site! Thank you for the opportunity 😘❤️

  84. 89) I’m in! Love the Fiery Cross. Rereading it now! It’s my favorite book!

  85. 90) I have seen the serie 5 times and reed the books naw.

  86. 91) Fantastic prize package. Love the show and books.

  87. 92) Yay! Already following and retweeted!

  88. 93) Can’t wait for next month when Outlander returns. Thanks for this amazing contest.

  89. 94) What a wonderful giveaway for #Outlander fans! Can’t wait for season 5!

    Diana Twyman-Davis
  90. 95) Awesome!thanks!

  91. 96) To the old gods and the new, please let me win!

  92. 97) Oh man!! What a great give away! ❤❤ Would be very excited to win this!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  93. 98) I’ve followed you for years on both FB and Twitter ~ I re-tweeted and here’s my comment ~ I never win anything so this would be wonderful

  94. 99) Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing prize! Looking forward to S5!!

  95. 100) My dream!!! I love outlander ❤

  96. 101) Wow 🤩 that’s really a great action and I love to winn something ♥️♥️

  97. 102) Thank you for your generous offer 💚💜

  98. 103) Would be so great to win this prize.Living in Perth Australia we get left out of alot of the fan based interviews etc that the OUTLANDER team seem to do in North America we are so far away.It would be really Wonderful to feel a bit closer to everything OUTLANDER.Fingers crossed🤞Good luck to everyone,but I hope I winLOL!! ONLY 23 DAYS TO GO AND COUNTING❤🇭🇲🤞🤞🤞

  99. 104) What a amazing give away❤️❤️ I can’t wait till Outlander Will start again. Love from the netherlands🇳🇱

  100. 105) Holy cow!!! What a generous prize package!!!

  101. 106) Thanks for the chance to win the amazing prizes.

  102. 107) What an amazing giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity. So looking forward to Season 5 of our beloved show, Outlander!!

  103. 108) Great opportunity!

  104. 109) Thank you for the chance to win these great prizes!

    Michaela Lichtenberger
  105. 110) This is so awesome! Thank you for the opportunity! 😘❤️

  106. 111) This is fantastic!! Thank you so much for doing this

  107. 113) What a fabulous prize. Good luck everyone 🍀

  108. 114) Sooooo excited for Season 5. Great prizes. Thanks.

  109. 115) Ooh such a terrific giveaway! i would love to win these prizes.

  110. 116) I’d like any of those prizes….

  111. 117) I have been a rabid fan of this story since the very beginning. And i love all the interactions between fans of both the books and the television series. Good luck to all!

  112. 118) This is so amazing. What a great way to get excited for the next season.

  113. 119) In Austria we have to wait for Season 5 for soooo long! The amazing prize would be a little comfort due to this fact. ☺️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  114. 120) Thanks for the opportunity & thanks for being our Outlander go to site.

    @partnerslncrime on twitter & insta

  115. Thanks for the opportunity to win & thanks for being the Outlander go to site. I follow you on all platforms.

  116. 121) I could only hope to win. Good Luck to all.

    Jeanette DiGiacomo
  117. 122) Such an awesome show and book series! I hope I win and that there are many more seasons of Outlander!!!

  118. 123) This is great!

  119. 124) Awesome giveaway!!!

  120. 125) Awesome give away. I love Outlander to pieces. I have read all 8 books and working my way through Scottish Prisoner and Lord John books as well. Best books ever!

  121. 126) Thank you for this. I live Outlander. So excited for the Season 5 premiere.

  122. 127) My favorite show! Can hardly wait for Season 5! I love watching the season, then, I read the book! Both are awesome.

  123. 128) Awesome contest!!! Can’t wait for season 5!!

  124. 129) I love Outlander. Looking forward to Season 5😍

  125. 130) I love Outlander!! So excited for season 5!!

  126. 131) Thanks for the chance!!

  127. 132) My husband introduced me to this fabulous show during Season 1. He’s the best! We have watched all 4 seasons many times and are counting the days until Season 5. Sam and Caitriona are the only Jamie and Claire. Love it love it…

  128. Can’t wait for S5. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  129. 134) I’m frantically trying to finish The Fiery Cross before Season 5 premiers next month. I love it when my favorite books become hit tv shows/movies. Yay, Outlander! ❤️

  130. 135) Yes please 🐝

  131. 136) Good luck everyone!

  132. 137) What a great gift!!

  133. 138) What an awesome giveaway!

  134. 139) Unbelievable giveaway! HUGE Outlander fan! Would love to win!

  135. 140) I’d love to win this beautiful giveaway ! thank you !!!

  136. I’d love to win this beautiful giveaway ! thank you !!!

  137. 141) Great competition and commendable that fans from all around the world can enter. Bravo!

  138. 142) Thank you for an amazing giveaway!!

  139. 143) Thanks for putting together a great giveaway that’s available internationally!🇨🇦 I can’t wait until February 16th for the Outlander season premiere!

  140. 144) I’m rereading the Outlander books for second time and getting ready for the new season!

  141. 145) Thank you soooo very much for doing this for Outlander fans!

    Melissa Harrelson
  142. 146) Thankyou for the opportunity!

  143. 147) I would love to win something of my favorite show! 😍

  144. 148) Great giveaway to celebrate Outlander Season 5 coming to us at last!

  145. 149) Thanks for the worldwide giveaway

  146. 150) Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance of these beautiful articles outside the US
    Love it!!!

    Angélique Roosdorp
  147. 151) Amazing giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win these items!

  148. 152) Awesome prizes! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  149. 153) What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

  150. 154) I already follow you in Facebook. This is a fun giveaway. Waiting impatiently for February 16! Thank you.

  151. 155) I was lucky enough to come across Cross Stitch in 1991 while living in England for a year. Im from New Zealand. As to be expected we followed Jamie and Clare’s travel around Scotland. The experience was cool at the time, not realising the ramifications of Diana’s books would have on Scotland and all those who have read the books from all of over the world.

  152. 156) This is an amazing Giveaway! Whoever wins will be a very lucky person. All the best of luck to everyone who enters.

  153. 157) Yay!!! So happy that finally, there is a competition available to us Aussies! Thanks so much! Now just need to be LUCKY enough to win. Good luck everyone! ❤️❤️❤️

  154. 158) Thank you so much for this absolutely fantastic giveaway! I adore Outlander, it tugs at my heart and soul and am looking forward to season 5. I would be thrilled and honoured to win. Good luck everyone 🙂

  155. 159) Thank you for everything you do <3 <3 <3

    Marina M Osaulenko
  156. 160) Rereading the series to get ready for Book 9 and Season 5 on Starz!

  157. 161) fantastic array of prizes for giveaway! Thank you!

  158. 162) waiting impatiently

  159. 163) I retweeted, then left a note on the Facebook. I hope to win.
    I cannot wait for S5 to start.

  160. 164) Hope I win!

  161. 165) Thank you for this opportunity. Not like by to S5.

  162. 166) Sassenach dreams …..

    Stacy Lemmon-Medina
  163. 167) achh!! im so excited for season 5 <3

  164. 168) Can’t wait for Season 5!!

  165. 169) This is a great giveaway!!
    Season 5 is almost here!!

  166. 170) 😍😍

  167. 171) What an amazing contest! Thank you! Can’t wait for season 5!

  168. 172) I have been such a big fan of Outlander for so long, to win this would be a dream come true!! Good luck everyone!!

  169. 173) Would love to win all these treasures!!!

  170. 174) Good luck all!

  171. 175) So excited!

  172. 176) Would be a great birthday present if I won. 😉 <3 Je suis prest! 😀

  173. 177) Amazing giveaway! Can’t wait for Season 5!

  174. 178) I would be honoured to receive these prizes, only started watching Outlander on Netflix in January,2020.. and cannot get enough .. love the actors ,well done.. thank you for the chance to win .

  175. 179) Wow, excited that this is worldwide. Thanks for including everyone 😊

  176. 180) Would love to win…love outlander

  177. 181) What an awesome giveaway! <3

  178. 182) Thank you for the chance to win… looking forward to s5.

  179. 183) I would love to win this exciting offer. Can’t wait until February 16!

  180. 184) Amazing contest! Thank you!

  181. 185) Love Outlander!

  182. 186) Great give aways!! Love your site..been following for a long time!!

  183. 187) Love your site. Thank you. ❤️

  184. 187) Awesome Outlander collection for fans.

  185. 188) Would be honored to win any of these

    Laddonia D Blevins
  186. 189) This would be a dream come true!! I have only just started watching #Outlander and I am hooked!! It came to me at a time in my life when things were not going so well! But as soon as I started watching it, it gave me hope for a better future and that I could find true love again!! Even if I don’t win these wonderful prizes, I’ve won in the fact that I can still have this wonderful show with the greatest cast ever! #Outlander fan forever!!

  187. 190) I would be so excited to win!! Thank you!!!

  188. 191) Thanks for the chance!

  189. 192) Can’t wait for Feb 16th!!!

  190. 193) love Outlander

  191. 194) wow – what a great prize! so excited for season 5!

  192. 195) What an awesome give away. Would love this for Season 5!

  193. 196) I can’t wait for the new season to begin! <3

  194. 198) Best show and stars on the planet. More than generous to their fans and love their chemistry to make it so real for us. Much success in the future always.

  195. 199) Thank you for such great giveaways!!

  196. 200) What a lovely contest I always enjoy seeing what is posted on your site

  197. 201) Oooh lots of goodies! Not long to wait now for Outlander’s return 😊
    Thank you for organising this chance to win one of these beautiful souvenirs. Good luck everyone!

  198. 202) Such an amazing prize! Thank you for all your hard work. Roll on Season 5!!

  199. 203) Absolutely in love with Outlander and can’t wait for Season 5.

  200. 204) Fantastic giveaway! Thanks so much for doing this! Already like and follow all your social media! ❤️

  201. 205) So excited to find this site! Great giveaways & hope I win! Thank you!

    Virginia L Penley
  202. 206) Crying and honored to think there is still enuf goodness in humanity left for such a contest to even exist!! Bless you all—everyone everywhere that has made outlander exist— you are the best of the best and i salute you all !!! Would anyone have ever thought of the magnitude and impact of this beautiful epic has had on us all? Bravo and perfect timing!! Oh the hope!!!

  203. 207) Have just finished all four seasons for the third time and am almost though S1 for the forth time. Have watched some of my favorite episodes several times(the wedding, the reunion and others). Still cry, laugh and all the emotions I got the first time I watched it. I think I timed it just right to finish all four seasons for the fourth time(and this has been just in the last 7 weeks) just in time for S5. Absolutely love this show and the cast is amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  204. 208) Thank you for the chance to win these awesome things.

  205. 209) Can’t wait for this season, it’s possibly the most excited I’ve been. Thanks for celebrating with this great giveaway!

  206. 210) I never win anything, this would be awesome!

  207. 211) Just watched episode 1. It’s wonderful! So glad #draughtlander is over

  208. 212) Ooh I hope I win!

  209. 213) What a wonderful opportunity to win some awesome Outlander things! Thanks so much!

  210. 214) What an awesome prize pack, and site. So glad Outlander is back!

  211. 215) Wow! Such gifts. And to discover Outlander-Online. I would like to win but know whoever does how excited they will be. Good Luck Lassies!❤️🙏

  212. 216) What a generous giveaway! Thank you!

  213. 217) What an awesome contest.

  214. 218) Nice giveaways ! Love Outlander !

  215. 219) I may not win but im a loyal fan & i just curl up with my fav snakes & watch till my eyes can no longer focus, even though the contest is over, just having it at my fingertips (remote control) makes me a winner, sure dinner wld be nice, but wouldn’t it be simply the best to have dinner with the cast all at once, now thats a treat


  216. 220) What a wonderful group of TALENTED people. I love the show!

  217. 221) I’m enjoying your Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks for offering the Outlander giveaway. 😊

  218. 222) Thanks for the marvelous offer. The new season first episode is awesome!

  219. 223) Love everything Outlander! 😍

  220. 224) Wonderful giveaway -;how amazing would it be to win this

  221. 225) This prize would be so amazing to win. Thank you for making this an international competition! My husband and I visited so many of the locations from Outlander during our trip to Scotland to visit family in October and it was such an amazing experience.

  222. 226) Amazing contest for an amazing show! Bucket list- Scotland to meet the people, see the Outlander film sites and breath in the highland air!

  223. 227) Omg! What an amazing prize! I am officially Outlander obsessed! Thanks so much for the chance.

  224. 228) This is an incredible giveaway, live you guys! I get all my best outlander infor here!

  225. 229) Your site has been a leader in the online promotion and social media mentor of Outlander fans since the beginning. Thank you for this giveaway goodness.

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