***Please Read*** We Need Your Help – Outlander Items to Sell Because My Family is Struggling – Donations Also Accepted   6 comments

Hello all,

Due to much of what has happened lately in my family, we are really struggling financially. I’m not going to lie, things are very hard for us right now and even though I have tried, I’m unable to find a job right now. I hate having to sell my Outlander stuff, however at this point I don’t have any other choice. Below are some items I’m putting up for sale to raise money for my family. I would not be doing this if our situation wasn’t so dire. We’re looking at $2,000 in bills at the end of the month. 

We don’t make a profit from this website, most of the ad money goes to WordPress, which is not a lot at all to be honest. We update this site during our own time and at our cost. The giveaways we do, is money from our pockets and those who donate items. We do it for all the amazing Outlander fans out there and because of your support. Because most of you are truly amazing people, we do it for all you awesome people. 

If you want, you can also donate by clicking on the donate button below, which accepts credit card or you can do a paypal transfer to outlanderonline@outlook.com . Any amount is appreciated.

Amounts are in USD and do not include shipping. I will ship worldwide, however the costs might be higher. 

I will also be adding more items later 

  1. Large Signed Copy of Outlander (Mint Condition) – Minimum bid $50 USD 
  2. Signed Copy of Finding Fraser by K.C. Dyer (Mint Condition) – Minimum bid $45 USD 
  3. Outlander Season 1 hand warmers (never worn) – Smoke free and pet free house – Minimum bid $40 USD
  4. Outlander Season 1 cowl (never worn) – Smoke free and pet free house – Minimum bid $40 USD
  5. Outlander Season 1 – Part 1 (Collector’s Edition BluRay) – Never used (Please note that this contains only the first 8 episodes of Season 1) – Minimum bid $40 USD 
  6. Picture of Dougal MacKenzie autographed by Graham McTavish (COA included) -Minimum bid $50 USD 
  7.  Dragonfly in Amber Sterling Silver earrings and necklace (never worn) – Minimum bid $75 USD 
  8. Outlander Season 1 necklace – minimum bid $20 USD 
  9. Large copy of Outlander – Minimum bid $25 USD 
  10. Large copy of DIA – Minimum bid $25 USD 
  11. Large copy of Voyager – Minimum bid $25 USD 
  12. Large Copy of Drums of Autumn – Minimum bid $25 USD
  13. Large Copy of ECHO – Minimum bid $25 USD 
  14. Hardcover Copy of ABOSAA – Minimum bid $30 USD 
  15. Large Copy of MOBY – Minimum bid $25 USD 
  16. Outlander TV Tie-in Edition – Minimum bid $20 USD 

Each item has it’s own post so you can bid on the item, just click on the item above and it will bring you to the post.

Auction Ends November 1st at noon ET. 


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6 responses to “***Please Read*** We Need Your Help – Outlander Items to Sell Because My Family is Struggling – Donations Also Accepted

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  1. I’ll happily donate when my SS check comes in mid November. I’m sorry you and your family are going through rough times.

    Michelle M Redmond
  2. I don’t think its appropriate to use OUTLANDER, its’ fans, or his website to ask for donations.

    • Mary, we’ve been running this site for 5 years out of our own time. Every thing we post on here we are not paid to do. We sacrifice hours upon hours to keep Outlander fans updated during events, we make screencaps that can take over 4 hours to make every time a show airs. It is also our website, which we built from the ground up.

      I don’t ask often, but my family is in serious financial trouble. We get no pay out of this website at all. How many people do you know who work for free for others? Because that’s what we do every single day and we do it for all the amazing Outlander fans.

  3. I am truly sorry to read of your struggles. This is truly devastating news. To be in a financial struggle along with family issues is a great burden. Please know that I would love to be of help, but my husband and I have been in a similar situation and though I would love to contribute and bid for the amazing items you listed (it must be heartbreaking to have to let them go), we cannot be of help to you at this time. I hope your listed items do bring some financial relief to you. And if it helps in any way, you are in our thoughts and I hope to read that in some way you will be able to get the financial help you need.

    • Rhona, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot. We understand that not everyone can donate or bid, your messages of support are also worth a lot.

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