**Please Read** We’re Taking a Short Break Due to Loved Ones We’ve Lost and Those That are Sick

Dear all, 

Paige and I (Marie), wanted to let you know that we’re taking a short break from posting. Over the last week, my family has lost a family member, it was sudden and unexpected. This year has been heavy, with the loss of Cathy in June as well. Paige is dealing with a loved one who is very sick at the moment. Both of us need to take some time away from the website to be with our families.

We’ll be back. I’m not sure when. Just give us a little time. Please be kind to each other. The world we currently live in needs so much love right now. Stop arguing with one each other online, life is too short for online drama. No one really has time for that in their lives. It’s not worth it. The people who truly matters are those around you: Your family, your friends and all those you love. 

Hug your loved ones close and don’t forget to tell them you love them, because you can never really know when they won’t be there anymore. 


Marie & Paige