NEW Interview with David Berry and Sophie Skelton from Entertainment Weekly   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with David Berry and Sophie Skelton from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

When Brianna reunited with Roger in the season 4 finale of Outlander, fans didn’t get to see Lord John Grey’s reaction and how his services as a fill-in husband were no longer needed. So actor David Berry, who plays Grey, decided to seek a little closure himself!

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Berry wrote a letter in Grey’s voice to Skelton’s Brianna that promised to maintain the “fiction of our engagement until such time as true custodian of your affections and father of your child to be is returned to you.” He also offered moral support and encouraged Brianna to “never let yourself succumb to thoughts of despair,” before sending the letter off.

“I wrote to just sort of give myself that closure,” Berry recently told EW, with production of season 5 underway in Scotland. “You’ll never see it on screen. I like to do that. I like to fill in the blanks.”

The letter was definitely appreciated by Skelton, even though she playfully took issue with how it was written via email, not as a handwritten letter. “Slightly disappointing,” Skelton told EW, jokingly. “It was really sweet, though. It just sort of gave a little bit of background for me going into the final episodes of Brianna, because obviously John has been there for Bree. He’s such a great friend, but then all of a sudden he’s sort of whipped away and we don’t really know when we’ll see him again. It was great to have that in the back of my mind.”


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