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Hi all, 

It took me all day to come up with the strength to write this post. Many of you have seen it on Twitter but I thought I should post it here, so people who want to write messages for Cathy can do so in the comments. 

One of our good friends Cathy, has been dealing with cancer for a while. She is a fighter and has been fighting hard and it was working. This morning I received a message from her father that she was in palliative care, as the cancer had reached her liver. This came as a big shock to all of us, we had been talking with Cathy a few ago and she was doing well. 

Why am I posting this here? Cathy has always been a very big supporter of this site and our other site Thinking of Rob. We’ve known her for over nine years and she is one of the most caring and generous persons you could ever meet. Cathy is part of this site. She will always be part of this site. She has stood behind us the entire way. She, in part, is a reason why you have this site. Her support for us and love has always helped us carry on, despite the odds.  

Running a site like this one is very demanding and there are many people in the shadows. These people are not often mentioned, but they are the ones who are always there, always caring, always supporting us. Cathy is one of those people. She deserves this post. In fact she deserves so much more than this post, but this is the only thing I can offer her right now. 

So, dear Cathy, this one is for you my friend. All our thought and love go out to you and your family right now. We love you so very much. 

If you want to leave a message for Cathy you can do so below. Many of you have sent messages on Twitter, her friend who is going to the hospital tomorrow will show them to her. She will also show her the ones you post below. We want to thank Sam, Caitriona, Diana and Graham for sending messages. They put a smile on her face today. 

Please disregard my typos or any other mistake I’ve made in this post. I’ve been crying on and off all day.

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