NEW Pics of Sam Heughan   4 comments

Here are NEW Pics of Sam Heughan

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4 responses to “NEW Pics of Sam Heughan

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  1. a very happy birthday to you, sam!

    ingeborg oppenheimer
  2. Happy Birthday 🎼SAM and many many more🎼

  3. Happy Birthday Sam – celebrate in style. Love the photos above of Sam. That must be a Scottish coast line in the top photo – absolutely stunning.

  4. Sam,
    Love the new costumes for this season of you and Cait. I also love the beautiful leather bag you were carrying. Hope the new season is going well and that Cait and you have some positive input for season 5.
    Hope your date this weekend will be fun!🥃💐🥰🦄

    Charlotte Bigley

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