NEW Season 5 Sneak Peak Still of Jamie and Claire   7 comments

Here is a NEW Season 5 Sneak Peak Still of Jamie and Claire


7 responses to “NEW Season 5 Sneak Peak Still of Jamie and Claire

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  1. This is a beautiful picture of the new season 5. They have the look of a married couple of a number of years and you can feel their closeness still. Love Jamie’s new hair look and as handsome as ever in new boots. Claire looks her gorgeous self also in a new hairdo. Cannot wait for this season to start. With both of them producing I think the show will just get even more marvellous than it already is. Thankyou so much for this sneak peek.

  2. Gorgeous picture of Jamie and Claire – such a beautiful couple. There is a lot of character there, and in every situation they face, they show what courage and loyalty is all about.

  3. Horray for new wigs!! Especially for Jamie!

  4. Agree, since they are now Producers they get Jamie’s wig was just as fake as could be! This one looks the business and rightfully puts him back in the saddle again as “The King of Men”! Love Claire’s new wig too, go Sam and Cait!

  5. After the car crash of the last season and the unbelievably bad wigs let’s hope this next season can redeem itself. Hope the writers got the message and put their egos aside to tell Diana’s story not their fabrication. Love the picture above. The real Jamie and Claire, the ones we remember from season 1.

  6. Smoking Hot Scot! Love the new wigs on both although Claire can find every plant but Henna, a little too much gray. Hope this season is better Jamie lost his cahonas in season 4.

  7. I loved season 4, even tho I found myself wanting more. I do look forward to season five. Season 5 is gonna be awesome❤️

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