NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe from ELLE Magazine   1 comment

Here NEW interview with Caitriona Balfe from ELLE Magazine

From ELLE:

Even by the highly stressful standards of Outlander, the season 4 finale really put fans through the wringer. Jamie decides to trade himself to the Mohawk people to save Roger—and just as you’re beginning to process that, Young Ian jumps in and takes his place instead! Poor Brianna went into labor and gave birth before either of her parents could make it home. Oh, and Jamie has been tasked with assassinating Murtagh next season. Cool, cool, cool.

Below, Catriona Balfe breaks down the key moments from “Man of Worth,” hints at what’s to come in season 5, and explains whether Jamie and Claire have been having less sex of late.

Where does the season leave Claire emotionally?
I think her primary focus throughout the season is so much about her being a mother to Brianna in a very different way, because of what Brianna has gone though and also being a grandmother now. I think it’s definitely been a transition, this season, going from the search for Jamie and “Will this relationship work?” to them finding each other.
Now it’s like okay, we built this life, and what does it look like? With Brianna coming in, it becomes very different, because now Claire’s become the matriarch of this extended family unit. When she says to Brianna, “I want to take you away from here,” I think she needs to have her family around her, in a place where they create the society that they want. She can see how heartbroken Brianna is, and everything about River Run for Claire is just so tainted and it’s hard for her to relax there at all. I think she just wants to protect her daughter, get her home, and create a safe space for her.


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  1. Great Interview! A brilliant summarization of Season 4, the relationship between Mother and Daughter, Daughter and Father. It focused on family. It is as Sam had originally mentioned even around the beginning of the production of SEason 4, Season 5 will pick up where Season 4 left off – rather a continuation. There was a Clan Gathering at the end in the book “Drums of Autumn” that should be interesting – hopefully it won’t be left out. Caitriona’s perspective is always so intelligent and down to earth. Thank you for sharing the Interview. I am already in Outlander withdrawal.

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