Discussion Post: Outlander Episode 4×13 “Man of Worth” – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   12 comments

We made this post for those of you who have already seen the episode and want to discuss it. What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

12 responses to “Discussion Post: Outlander Episode 4×13 “Man of Worth” – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. I am so disappointed in how the last half of this ep played out. That they didn’t have Claire and Jamie make it back for the birth just denied Jamie’s character from having that bonding moment with Bree. If they included that moment, I could forgive the hokey, cliched ending of Bree running after Roger as he rode over the hill into River Run. 🙄 For a show that is hell bent on showcasing Claire doing something medical at every chance they can get, I really thought we’d see the birth happen with her and Jamie there. I mean seriously, it took them 9 months to find Roger and return??? 🙄

  2. Instead of the bed scene between Murtagh and Jocosta, Jamie and Claire should have been at the birth of the baby. Also, the violence in the indian village was not necessary. ///where was the meeting of Ian and “Emily”? Also, Claire did not wear Ottertooth’s stone but the amulet bag of the old indian woman that Mueller killed. The violence ended with the burning of the priest. Is the writer even reading the books? Wgy would she put in the letter from Tryon that Jamie should kill Murtagh? Totally unnecessary. There is enough drama in gthe story without inventing new ones.

  3. I have to agree with both of the above. All the cast have said or implied the season finale would be great….it was a big let down😞. What is happening with the writers? I felt from the get go of this season I was not going to be happy. By now I would have seen each episode about 3 times. Hasn’t happened. I hope when I binge watch them I might get a better feeling. Again I’m going to say, the books become more complex as they progress. Multiple story lines. You just can’t get a quality show in 13 episodes. The writers are going to alter the story lines and many of us are not going to be happy. Oh well it is what it is. Let’s hope for a better season 5.

  4. We only get 13 episodes. The writers should read the book and put in what they read and not made up stuff. It’s a waste of episode time.

  5. I hated this episode!. The writers apparently don’t think the story in the books is good enough. The entire story line was mucked with. The whole Murtaugh and Jocasta relationship wasted episode time, and the Mohawk story was bad, bad, bad.

  6. I loved the episode. I don’t expect the show to be exactly like the book. I love Murtagh being alive and the way they have interwoven him into the series. It’s hard to put it all in 13 episodes. STARZ dictates that. Keep up the good work Ron and crew!

    • Hi Jody: Absolutely agree with you. I loved the episode as well – I loved all of Season 4. Any movie based on a book has never ever been true to the book at the best of times. I am enjoying the Outlander journey as it progresses.

    • I enjoyed the episode.

  7. I didn’t care for this whole season, at times it moved so slow it was boring, and why the writers had to leave out Claire helping Brianna give birth while Jamie held Brianna’s hand is beyond me. For the first time I’m not anxiously waiting for next season.

  8. I adored this season. My favorite since season 1. I think the writing has done a decent job communicating the spirit of Diana’s story. My only disappointments have been the horribly awful wigs and Claire not healing. I mean she didn’t even check Roger when he was clearly injured! Unforgivable.

    Felicia Galvan Adams
  9. I want to shout at the writers STICK TO THE STORY. Imho I think Murtagh should have been left dead on Culloden Field, no disrespect to Duncan LaCoix. Having him back has taken away time which could have been used to elaborate on the story not fabricate another. As others have said I’m sorry to say this Season has left me underwhelmed. Having read an interview with Sam he has said that he and Cait wish to have more say in how their characters develop next season. Could it be that they are not happy either? They are the principle characters after all.

  10. I thought the finale did as good of a job getting the major points across as time allowed. That being said since STARZ knows what a huge hit they have they should have allotted extra time for the finale. Had they allowed even 10-15 minutes then pivotal scenes such as Jamie and Claire being there for the birth could have been included, it’s a pivotal bonding moment for Jamie and Bree! As for complaints about the scene with Murtugh and Jocasta let’s not forget that there’s no Duncan Innes in the series. I believe the writers are possibly setting the stage for a continuation of that storyline, which is important in future books/seasons. As for young Ian not meeting ” Emily” during the finale again time was not allotted to show Ian beginning his indoctrination at the creek where he was ritually washed, his hair plucked out on the sides etc. Emily was there and gave him instructions because she spoke English. Again, to me many significant plotlines could have been shown and others completed better if STARZ would have played up the finale and allowed some extra time. After all, they did it when the show was still young and the response speaks for itself. One last thought, could any of us stuff an approximately 1000 page book in to 13 hours and please everyone?

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