NEW HQ Stills from Outlander 4×13 “Man of Worth”   5 comments

Here NEW HQ Stills from Outlander 4×13 “Man of Worth”

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5 responses to “NEW HQ Stills from Outlander 4×13 “Man of Worth”

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  1. Thanks for the Stills above. Please correct me if I am wrong but is that Tom Jackson in one of the Stills above – the third still from the left at the top (chief in the red tunic)? Time has flown by so fast, Season 4 with one episode to go and then it is finished. Season 4 was so full and powerful – it seems a shame that it couldn’t go on longer. Does anyone know when the DVD/Blu-Ray (special edition) will out on the market?

  2. Being that this is the last episode for series 4, could we anticipate getting series 5 in less than a year? Too much drama not to be viewed. Please and Thank you.

  3. Rhona, I would guess the DVD won’t be out until late summer like last year.

    • Hi Danielle: Thanks for the reply. Always great to hear from you. I’ll just have to wait till late summer for the Season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray. I have the DVDs/Blu-rays for Seasons 1, 2 and 3 – that should keep the “withdrawal” symptoms down a bit. Diana Gabaldon has mentioned that her Book 9 “Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone” will also be out on the bookshelves this year. I’ll keep on the lookout for that. Again, thanks for your reply.

  4. I have watched Episode 12 “Providence” again – it was so heartbreaking and soul searching – Everyone was amazing in their roles – the ending left me crying. The book “Drums of Autumn” went into the conversations between Roger and the Priest in more detail, but the result was just the same – that poor priest. Folks have also mentioned the fact that Jamie and Claire weren’t in some of the episodes, but then in the book there were quite a few chapters that dealt with just Brianna and Roger and their problems – no Jamie and Claire around, except when Jamie and Young Ian beat poor Roger up. It was important that there were episodes that dealt with Bree’s and Roger’s issues – because in the end Jamie and Claire were very much involved. It’s called “Family”. The Season Finale will soon be here – and I haven’t been disappointed – I knew Season 4 would be awesome and it has been.

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